FBI Sought Documents Covered By Executive And Attorney Client Privilege

 August 16, 2022

It’s especially grievous that Trump now must use the best of his legal arsenal to defend his own right to privacy. Anyone else would not have the resources to fight this OBVIOUS invasion of our 4th amendment right to privacy. The radical left, with the help of RHINO Liz Cheney, is seeking any form of evidence  - no matter it’s origin, to find a way to indict Trump and prevent his anticipated run in 2024.

According to various sources, Trump had already been working with authorities on any records that he had stored in his Mir-A-Lago home, offering them anything they wanted or needed, noting that there were no classified documents there according to his lawyers. So why raid him – because their case against him is weak, regarding the January 6th “insurrection” as they call it.

They needed information that they have no right to – some personal remark on paper – never intended for the light of day publicly, to hold him to, for prosecution purposes, in their race to see him disqualified. They were deliberately looking for documents that were covered by Executive and Attorney-Client privilege. They knew exactly what they were doing. Trump knows it, the GOP know it and the American people know it – despite what Uncle Joe and his constitutionally violating department heads say.

This is, as Trump would say, a “witch hunt” and Cheney and her ilk are losing time. That Trump can weather this radical attack on his freedoms is very telling. No other public figure has faced so much wrath from the left, nor have they withstood so much vitriol in public. Period.

This man has a determined character, unlike many, that America has experienced, possibly in our lifetime. No matter what direction your vote may be – simply consider the six plus years of pure antagonism he has faced and ask your self - why? The answer is because he does not come from a political background, is a businessman and dares to interrupt those in power for years, draining the resources of America’s taxpayers and wants to make lasting changes in Washington – the hotbed of cronyism. The swamp wants to prevent his opportunity to change Washington, for the good of all Americans, not just those in lifetime positions there.

This unprecedented raid against former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home is perhaps the swamps boldest attempt to shut down real change that America needs. No one is perfect, but Trump is unbelievably dedicated, to change in Washington, that it is sorely needed. How he plays his cards at this point will be instructive to be sure.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.”

-Gecko & Fly
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