FBI Director Wray To Be Held In Contempt Of Congress By Republicans Over Biden Document

 May 31, 2023

involving then-Vice President Joe Biden, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is taking steps to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt.

On Tuesday evening, the Bureau said that it remains committed to cooperating with Congress. However limiting access to the document, the statement indicated that it will provide access to the document-

 "in a format and setting that maintains confidentiality and protects important security interests and the integrity of FBI investigations."

-FBI Statement

The FBI document, subpoenaed, allegedly describes a criminal scheme involving then Vice-President Biden and a foreign national. It is also said to relate to the exchange of money for policy decisions. Reportedly, information contained in the document could possibly substantiate bank records already in the panels possession.

Specifically, the document is an FBI-generated FD-1023 form that Comer had subpoenaed earlier this month. The FBI did not turn it over, explaining a need to protect the Bureau's confidential human source program.

Giving Wray until Tuesday, May 30, to turn over the document, and after Comer had set the deadline, Wray reportedly set up a call with Comer for Wednesday, May 31.  The FBI however, did notify the panel, that it would not provide the document to the committee by the Tuesday afternoon deadline.

In response, Comer said Tuesday-

"Today, the FBI informed the Committee that it will not provide the unclassified documents subpoenaed by the Committee,"... "The FBI’s decision to stiff-arm Congress and hide this information from the American people is obstructionist and unacceptable." …and

"While I have a call scheduled with FBI Director Wray tomorrow to discuss his response further, the Committee has been clear in its intent to protect Congressional oversight authorities and will now be taking steps to hold the FBI Director in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a lawful subpoena," …adding

 "Americans deserve the truth, and the Oversight Committee will continue to demand transparency from this nation’s chief law enforcement agency."

-James Comer (R) KY, House Oversight Committee Chairman

In their statement responding to the accusations, the FBI said that it-

 "remains committed to cooperating with the Committee in good faith." …"In a letter to Chairman Comer earlier today, the FBI committed to providing access to information responsive to the Committee’s subpoena in a format and setting that maintains confidentiality and protects important security interests and the integrity of FBI investigations,"... "Last week, Director Wray scheduled a telephone call for tomorrow to provide additional details of the FBI’s extraordinary accommodation to satisfy the subpoena request." …adding… "Any discussion of escalation under these circumstances is unnecessary."

-FBI Statement

The document in question was sought, after a whistleblower approached Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R) Iowa, alleging that the Justice Department and FBI were in possession of the supposed document, which reportedly would reveal "a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose."

According to a report by Fox News, Grassley said-

"Chairman Comer and I have been more than patient with the FBI,"… "The bureau’s failure to comply with our constitutional oversight duty comes with consequences." … "I hope to hear a different tune from Director Wray tomorrow, but if not, Congress must defend its oversight prerogatives. The American people deserve an accountable government."

-Sen. Chuck Grassley,(R) Iowa

Comer and Grassley, according to the outlet,  notified Wray and Attorney General, Merrick Garland this month about the "legally protected and highly credible unclassified whistleblower disclosures.” the back-and-forth dialogue ensued. Both Grassley and Comer said, that based on "the alleged specificity within the document, it would appear that the DOJ and the FBI have enough information to determine the truth and accuracy of the information contained within it.". 

To which, the FBI said in a statement-

"The FBI’s mission is to protect the American people. Releasing confidential source information could potentially jeopardize investigations and put lives at risk.”… "The FBI remains committed to cooperating with Congress’s oversight requests on this matter and others as we always have."

-FBI Statement

During this quest for the reported document, the White House maintains, that the president never spoke to his son, Hunter Biden, about his business dealings, and further, that the senior Biden was never involved in them. Officials also claim, that the president has never discussed investigations into members of his family with the Justice Department. However, information revealed, continues to raise doubts, and in some cases directly opposes these claims.

Why the FBI and DOJ think that stonewalling Congress, in their pursuit of the facts, is beyond reason. It does however, clearly demonstrate the highly political atmosphere plaguing both government investigative bodies. The evidence supporting the double standard by which both government entities are being run continues to build.

That this nation’s highest institutions of law enforcement, are being run by highly obstructionist political directors is quite shocking. The American people, however, are not blind. The double standard, that currently exists, which does not support the rule of law embodied in the U.S. Constitution, is a tragedy of epic proportion.

Little wonder, Congress has to work over-time to secure the truth. The FBI and DOJ need swept clean of these partisan leaders, who are at war with the American people, hiding what they know to be important in revealing the truth. This nation deserves the truth.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.”

-Rush Limbaugh
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