FBI Determines Huawei Telecom Equipment – Found On U.S. Cell Towers Able to Capture/Disrupt U.S. Military Communications

 July 24, 2022

The Chinese company, Huawei’s, telecom equipment, has been determined to be capable of capturing and even disrupting U.S. military communications, including that of the U.S. Strategic Command, which oversees America’s nuclear arsenal, according to a report by CNN. This is a part of a strategic FBI investigation of Chinese land purchases, near critical infrastructures, where Huawei equipment was found on many American cell towers.

According to the CNN report-

“Among the most alarming things the FBI uncovered pertains to Chinese-made Huawei equipment atop cell towers near US military bases in the rural Midwest. According to multiple sources familiar with the matter, the FBI determined the equipment was capable of capturing and disrupting highly restricted Defense Department communications, including those used by US Strategic Command, which oversees the country's nuclear weapons.

“While broad concerns about Huawei equipment near US military installations have been well known, the existence of this investigation and its findings have never been reported. Its origins stretch back to at least the Obama administration. It was described to CNN by more than a dozen sources, including current and former national security officials, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.”  

-CNN Report

According to the reports’ many sources, the Chinese telecom giant Huawei, has been the subject of investigations by the FBI, who believes that the company’s equipment, has the ability to monitor U.S. military communications, disrupting communications when activated. (See Blogger Post Below)

Considerably damaging the company’s profits, Donald Trump put policies in place largely banning Huawei from the United States, however the equipment remains on many cell towers, including those strategically placed near critical military infrastructures.

In the FBI’s investigations, the agency began examining Huawei’s business activities from a financial perspective to find deals that  “made no sense from a return-on-investment perspective, “ according to John Lenkart, a former senior FBI agent. This review likely indicated an underlying effort by the company to seek advantageous sites for spying access.

According to the same report, FBI investigators determined by examining the Huawei equipment themselves, that it could recognize and disrupt DOD-spectrum communications, even though it had been certified by the FCC.

It claimed that-

“It’s not technically hard to make a device that complies with the FCC that listens to nonpublic bands but then is quietly waiting for some activation trigger to listen to other bands,” said Eduardo Rojas, who leads the radio spectrum lab at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. “Technically, it’s feasible.”

“To prove a device had clandestine capabilities, Rojas said, would require technical experts to strip down a device “to the semi-conductor level” and “reverse engineer the design.” But, he said, it can be done.”

-CNN Report

Sadly, the U.S. government is moving slowly to mandate a “rip and replace,”, which would remove all Huawei telecom gear being removed from cell towers and other infrastructures. This is despite the enormous strategic risk of a hostile Communist dictatorship, having the ability to not only monitor, but also potentially disrupt communications. Apparently, one CEO quoted in the report, complained that removing Chinese spy technology from his towers is “difficult and it’s a lot of money.” He apparently sees himself, as insulated from this breach of security on U.S. soil.

There apparently is also much laxity, surrounding the Chinese government, when it comes to spying on us as Americans, it almost appears to be deliberate. Additionally, with information such as this, to be kept largely from the American public, while we continue to buy vast quantities of “Made in China” products, is to open our front door to a hungry wolf.

An attack is eminent. Further, to have such an enemy of our country, not be taken seriously by those in our government agencies, who have the power to take definitive action, is also very telling.

Trump pulled their plug only to have Biden, whose pockets they have likely lined – not initiate this needed mandatory technological clean up, and largely ignores their activities. Biden most certainly needs investigated for his involvement with China. America deserves the truth.

Essentially, the U.S. front door is not secure with this administration in charge. The more you really understand the progressive focus, the more you see they likely welcome an overthrow by China – so they can absorb the communist policies they want for America now, and seek a place in China’s hierarchy for themselves. They delude themselves however, in thinking that, what they are ignoring they will escape from. They prefer to denigrate our armed services with woke mandates and the like, pandering to special interests that they see as important. China is watching however.

Either way, until Congress and the President, get really serious on the Chinese government spying, the door will stay unsecured for the infiltration of U.S. communications and continue to pose a direct threat to our country’s security.

Read on, as one informative blogger noted the gravity of what is possible in his experience-

“I developed a platform to be potentially embedded on the motherboards of all the electronics we sell to foreign governments that would allow us to snoop on the carrier, the users and ANYONE using an electronic device nearby. The embedded device would lie dormant (no electronic signature) until "We" woke it up with a wireless signal. That way, it could get through virtually any inspection. Additionally, if things went sideways with that foreign govt (looking at you Pakistan) the device would become a targeting beacon for smart weapons. Yeah, that was 2001ish. I am sure things have got much scarier. Further, I do not now, nor have I ever had ANY level of govt clearance. I developed these things as a private citizen.”

-Wally, Breitbart Blogger

“Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge   them after they have got possession.”

-George Washington
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