Extreme Leftist Agenda Pushes Some “Politically Homeless” Dems To The Right

 September 27, 2022

On Fox News “The Big Sunday Show” panelists react to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, being 'booed' as she took to the stage at NYC’s Global Citizen music festival, as midterms are now 44 days away. Further they discuss, her “over the top rhetoric” statements in an interview, during a brisk walk, as she was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos.

Pelosi warns, basically, that if Republicans gain the house, and or the Senate, that Democracy could die and the fate of the planet is at stake. Her fear mongering scare tactics, are all Democrats have left, because essentially, they have no platform to “sell” for the midterms. With an abysmal administration record, that the American people are keenly aware of, they are simply threatening and power posturing, at this point.

One panel member said - Just look around at your family and see how well you’re doing now, under the Biden administration? Adding that the Democrats, must focus on fear of the republicans, because things are really just that bad.

They go on to discuss that even, lifelong Democratic voters, are changing, because of the radical left-leaning of the Democratic Party. These displaced Democrats, seem to find more common-ground as a Republican. So as of this report, they’re registering now as Republicans, especially those reportedly in the Latino community. Apparently, the Democratic Party has left the conservative or middle ground Democrats, leaving them to feel “politically homeless” and seeking somewhere to find common sense.

One quote they put on screen, stated-

“The reason I registered as a Republican has more to do with the Democrats than it does with Republicans. I still consider myself liberal in a lot of ways, but I’m no longer a registered Democrat, they’ve just really gone off the rails for the past several years”

-Former Democrat

They touch on the fact that Kevin McCarthy and the Republican party, just rolled out the “Commitment to America” Program as a way to keep the focus on, what can be worked on, and is possible to help Americans, see and work towards a better nation. Then they go on to discuss a new finding, just out, that shows, on the ”bread and butter, law and order issues”, that the Republicans are leading in the polls.

These issues are:

  • The generic ballot        +5
  • In Swing Districts         +21
  • On Inflation                  +19
  • On the Economy          +16
  • On Crime                     +14

This session is a good all-around synopsis, of what is happening to some in the Democrat party, and how they are finding their way to the Republican camp. As one host put it “They are finally waking up”.

“Success is not a matter of mastering subtle, sophisticated theory but rather of embracing common sense with uncommon levels of discipline and persistence”

-Patrick Lencioni
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