Republican Senators Seek Extension Of Title 42 To Cover Fentanyl Crisis And Close The Border

Since the Biden administration has taken office, they have been making questionable decisions that are putting American citizens at risk. One such decision is the role back of Title 42. With the border already overrun, this will have disastrous consequences for our country's future health. Cartels have been using our open boarder issue to smuggle even more drugs into our country, and the fentanyl crisis is getting worse.

Title 42 is a law that gives border agents the right to expel any migrant who may be carrying Covid 19. With the border combating tens of thousands monthly, Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) is working towards adding the fentanyl issue to communicable diseases that Title 42 covers. 

Harris states,

“Dr. DesJarlais from Tennessee and myself, we’re co-sponsoring a bill that would actually include the fentanyl crisis we’re having in this country as coming under Title 42. The bottom line is if this administration was serious about taking care of the public health of the United States, it would turn back all those migrants who might have COVID. It would also close the southern border so that we can try to put an end to this fentanyl crisis we’re having.”

This is another reason why having an open boarder puts America at risk. As citizens, we need to stand up and demand that our government start putting our safety first. We cannot allow this to continue. Its time we close the southern border.

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