Representative Chip Roy Reveals Evidence Of Non-Citizens Influencing US Elections

 June 19, 2024

In a significant claim, Rep. Chip Roy points out an ongoing issue of non-citizens participating in U.S. elections and the legislative measures being taken to address it.

During an interview on Breitbart News Daily, Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican, voiced concerns over non-citizens voting in U.S. elections. Highlighting what he described as “repeated evidence,” Roy argued that this issue potentially affects the outcomes of elections significantly.

Roy cited several instances he believes demonstrate the issue at hand. He referenced the controversy surrounding Al Franken’s election in Minnesota, claiming studies indicate non-citizen voting could have influenced the result.

Another example he mentioned involved Virginia, where authorities removed approximately 1,500 voters from the rolls last year over citizenship discrepancies.

Concerns Over Non-Citizen Voting Expand

Expanding on his concerns, Roy spoke against jurisdictions like Oakland and San Francisco, where laws enable non-citizens to vote in local elections. Roy expressed apprehension about how federal elections could be impacted if similar allowances are made nationally.

This led to Roy discussing the challenges states face due to federal laws, particularly the interpretations of these laws post the Motor Voter Act of the 1990s. These interpretations prevent states from effectively verifying the citizenship status of voters,

As a solution, Roy has been advocating for the SAVE Act, legislation aimed at mandating proof of citizenship for voter registration across all states. He stated this would address the eligibility verification issues comprehensively.

Roy highlighted that the uniqueness of state policies, like North Dakota which does not require voter registration, adds complexity to the universal application of laws like the SAVE Act. He believes adjusting these regulations could streamline voter registration processes significantly.

In Washington, D.C., recent attempts to cease registration of non-citizens for elections saw mixed support politically. Roy highlighted that the decision saw divided opinions, with substantial Republican support but considerable opposition from the Democrats.

This political division, according to Roy, underscores the contentious nature of the debate surrounding non-citizen voting. He criticized Democrats for unanimously opposing a bill meant to ensure congressional allocations were based solely on citizenry.

The discussion also touched on broader national issues, including immigration. Roy criticized the current administration's immigration policies, labeling them as contributing factors to the challenges of non-citizen voting.

He accused the Biden administration of exacerbating the situation by allowing a large influx of people into the country, which Roy argues indirectly increases the risk of non-citizens voting illegally.

Roy’s critical stance extends to how federal actions and policies impact the integrity of U.S. elections. He remains firm on instigating stronger measures to ensure that only U.S. citizens participate in the electoral process.

Amidst these debates, Roy seeks more bipartisan engagement and contends that ensuring that only citizens vote should be an uncontroversial standpoint. While discussing the proposed legislation, he emphasized the need for broad political support to bring these changes into effect.

In his interview, Roy also connected the concerns about non-citizen voting to broader national sentiments about election integrity, urging legislators across the board to address these critical issues in earnest.

Despite the strong political divides, Roy’s hope for bipartisan support on these issues suggests a pathway that might garner enough political will to enforce stricter election laws.


In conclusion, Republican Representative Chip Roy’s claims about non-citizen voting underscore the complexities within U.S. electoral processes.

Through his advocacy for the SAVE Act and other measures, he aims to fortify the integrity of American elections by ensuring citizenship verification for all voters, addressing federal legislative barriers, and tackling the impacts of national immigration policies.

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