Escaped PA Murder Suspect Michael Burham Is Captured Following 9-Day Manhunt

 July 16, 2023

Pennsylvania State Police, authorities confirmed Saturday that Michael Charles Burham, an escaped fugitive murder suspect, has been taken into custody. He was arrested at "at gunpoint" after a 9-day manhunt.

Burham reportedly escaped a Pennsylvania jail on July 6.  A suspected killer, he escaped a jail last week by allegedly climbing down a rope made from bedsheets. According to police, after escaping, he snuck off into the night wearing a denim jacket and a jail issued orange-striped jumpsuit with matching Crocs at around 11:20 p.m.

In a coordinated effort, a significant amount of law enforcement, air support, and K-9s formed a "very large perimeter" around where authorities believed Burham was hiding from arrest, police said. The manhunt included more than 200 officers from 15 federal, state and local agencies, beginning after Burham escaped from jail.

Reportedly, a barking dog raised the suspicion of its owner, after Burham appeared in the rear of their Pennsylvania home. In going outside to check on his barking dog, the homeowner found the escaped prisoner in the backyard of his property.

According to police, the two had a brief conversation, where Burham allegedly told the owner that he was on a "camping trip,"  However, the homeowner recognized Burham, and contacted local police, tipping authorities to where the escaped prisoner was located.

The capture of Burham in Warren County, PA, occurred before 5:50 p.m. on Saturday. Burham was taken into custody after he was "tracked through the woods" where reportedly, he eventually encountered perimeter troopers.

Though Burham attempted to hide in the woods, police surrounded him and took him into custody. PSP Lt. Col. George Bivens, said Burham looked "tired" and "worn out" at his arrest. He reportedly was still wearing his orange prison pants, turned inside out, according to police.

In a 7:30 p.m. press conference, Bivens shared details surrounding the apprehension of Burham, after a nine-day coordinated manhunt with state and local police. Authorities have not determined where the escaped fugitive will be housed following his arraignment.

However, Bivins said that Burham will not return to Warren County Jail, where the 34-year-old escaped nine days earlier. An Army veteran with survivalist and firearms training, Burham was being held on kidnapping and related charges.

He is also suspected of murder and rape charges in New York. Charges there stem from an interstate crime spree that ended in his arrest, in South Carolina, after a previous manhunt in May. It is unclear at preset whether Burham will face additional charges, for escaping from county jail and evading arrest.

“The Marshals were founded when our nation was founded and from the earliest period, one of their key tasks has been apprehension. They are our fugitive enforcers in this country. “

-William Barr
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