Elon Musk Reportedly Plans To Clean House At Twitter By Reducing It's Workforce From 7,500 Down To 2,000

By Ken on
 October 22, 2022
By Ken on

On Fox News “Outnumbered” the panel reacts to reports, that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is planning to cut 75% of Twitter's workforce, after his buyout of the social platform is finalized this next week.

Reportedly, Musk told prospective investors, that he planned to reduce the workforce at Twitter from a reported 7,500 down to 2,000. In fact, this year Twitter reportedly spent 1.5 billion dollars on employee salaries and Musk is hoping to bring that “bloat” down to 800 million. Needless to say, Twitter is denying all this, yet when the deal closes – the real job of running the company begins for Elon.

The panel discussed concern for the lack of possible employees to sensor, the already rampant child pornography, hate speech, racism, and violent threats that are a part of Twitter’s present troubles. Then there’s the need to do a significant internal investigation, on those employees (many of them progressive leftists) that have made Twitter a Super PAC for the democratic party, especially in the 2020 elections, suppressing conservatives and truth (like the Hunter Biden laptop revelation) just 3 weeks before the election.

If Musk wants to see free speech come to fruition at Twitter, then he will have some serious housecleaning to do there. It’s like one host remarked - “the inmates are running the asylum”, referring to how horribly run Twitter is, and the corruption of the left that exists there, in suppressing free speech except for their own political leanings.

The panel goes on to say, that they believe that Twitter will keep Musk busy unwinding all the issues Twitter has to date, and the corruption that already exists there. Hopeful that Musk will turn this media giant into a profitable, resource in the social media community, they are looking forward to his focus on free speech – as the bottom line. We’ll see what choices he makes.

“This is a business. Be smart. Choose Wisely”

-John Aniston
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