Gay Kiss Restored in Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ After Woke Staff Outcry

Pixar’s upcoming animated film Lightyear was supposed to feature a gay kiss, but Disney executives censored “overtly gay affection” in the company’s films.

However, after outrage from LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies, the gay kiss was added back into the movie last week. This is just another example of the woke mob getting what they want.

Disney has sold out the family but is still making millions.

It's not enough for this community to demand that adults subscribe to their way of thinking, now they continue to target children. This misguided propaganda for the sake of gaining acceptance for their own sexuality is reaching epic proportions. What's next?

Will we see gay relationships in Disney movies being oversexualized to appeal to this woke crowd? Great family stories will soon make the woke top 10 list! Maybe soon we’ll see Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppin”s hitting on his favorite chimney sweep or better yet Elsa and Anna in “Frozen” making out. Family entertainment has reached an all-time low.

This is the kind of entertainment that children and families should be not subjected to. Further families have the right to raise their children with the understanding that anatomy matters.

We need to take a stand against this woke agenda and demand better from our entertainment community. We deserve better than this garbage. Disney needs to do better. They need to wake up and stop preaching sexual preference and stick to focusing on family friendly film making. Stop giving in to the woke mob and start making quality entertainment for everyone again.

People are tired of Disney’s hypocritical stand against families with this woke subservient attitude. America needs to consider dropping Disney channels if they continue down this destructive path.

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