DeSantis Talks About Leaked Debate Strategy Memo, Vows To Punch Back In First GOP Debate

 August 21, 2023

Speaking about the first GOP debate, this week in New Hampshire, Ron DeSantis downplayed a ‘Never Back Down’ debate memo. He claimed the written strategy was… ‘not mine. I haven’t read it'…[ and says he's] "ready to do what we need to" at Wednesday's first Republican presidential nomination debate, to deliver his message, and defend himself from rival candidates.

The leaked documents, grabbed plenty of headlines, since the New York Times first reported on the documents, a of couple of days ago. This was in an apparent attempt by advisors at Never Back Down to float potential debate talking points to the governor. However the leak was viewed as another stumble for the DeSantis world.

Among other things, the memo urged DeSantis to defend former President Donald Trump, the commanding front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. It also urged DeSantis to "hammer" Ramaswamy, another up and coming rival for the nomination.

In the very crucial early voting state of New Hampshire, Gov. DeSantis returned to the campaign trail this week. On August 19, 2023, he also marched in the Londonderry, New Hampshire, annual Old Home Day Parade.

After a series of setbacks the past two months, which triggered weeks of negative stories spotlighting his campaign’s overspending, change of leadership, staff layoffs, and other setbacks, DeSantis is trying to change the narrative. This week’s debate will likely be reflected in these many changes.

Despite Trump's large lead over DeSantis, which has expanded this summer, the governor remains in second place in most polling. He remains ahead of the rest, of Republican presidential contenders going into the debate.

On Wednesday, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his campaign argues that "every candidate on and off the debate stage will have their knives out for Ron DeSantis" at this first debate. DeSantis reiterated on Saturday-

"I know from the military, when you’re over the target, that’s when you’re taking flak. And if you look really in the last six to nine months, I’ve been more attacked than anybody else. Biden, Harris, the media, the left, other Republican candidates,"... "And there’s a reason for that, because people know that I’m the biggest threat. So we view it as positive feedback. We’ll be ready to do what we need to do to deliver our message, but we absolutely expect that, and we’ll be ready for it."

-Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, GOP Presidential Hopeful

In a new memo, sent to donors and supporters from DeSantis’ recently installed campaign manager, James Uthmeier, the campaign, again argued that the governor will be "the center of attacks" at Wednesday's debate. However it reassured supporters that the campaign's "fully prepared" to be "on the receiving end of false, desperate charges from other candidates, and the legacy media."

“Solutions-oriented campaigning with a little passion and a little humor; I think that will go a long way. I think people are desperate for it.”

-Laura Ingraham
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