WATCH: DeSantis Shuts Down Reporter Who Politicizes Hurricane Efforts

 September 29, 2022

In this Fox News clip, at a hurricane briefing, Governor Ron DeSantis, when ask a question by a reporter, who started out by stating that “Criswell, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Administrator, acknowledged concerns that Florida was lax in its response to this storm”… Got shut down immediately by DeSantis who quickly said-

“whoa, whoa, whoa, -  give me a break, that is nonsense – stop politicizing this”

- Governor Ron DeSantis, (R)Florida

In an understandably defensive tone, DeSantis went on to explain, the quick response of his office, and those in it, that have worked tirelessly, to get anyone and everyone whatever they have needed, even “declaring a state of emergency before this thing [the hurricane] was even formed”.

DeSantis, basically shut the reported down, saying that it was understandable if the reporter wanted to attack him, but those in his administration, who have been working feverishly to prepare those statewide, didn’t deserve to be treated by the innuendos put forth. It was a refreshing halt to the over the top, dramatic rhetoric of the left, who obviously are trying, by any means, to discredit their political adversaries at any time, without hesitation.

Thankfully DeSantis spared us all the ridiculousness, of what this reporter was trying to insinuate. Florida is doing well – with DeSantis at the helm.

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