DeSantis Quips Newsom's Hair Gel Is 'Interfering With His Brain Function”

 September 18, 2022

For months now, the public feud between Governors Gavin Newsom, of California, and Florida's Ron DeSantis continues to make headlines. This time, the issue stems from their two conflicting stances on immigration. On Friday DeSantis comments, were regarding the fact that Newsom had sent a letter to the Department of Justice, asking them to prosecute Texas Governor Abbott and DeSantis himself, for bussing and or flying illegal migrants to “sanctuary states”, most of which are run by Democrats.

Calling him “the Governor from California”, DeSantis, it seemed, was purposely careful not to call him by name, likely for effect.  DeSantis mused openly, in front of rolling news cameras, that he believed that Newsom, was not thinking clearly, because his “hair gel is interfering with his brain function”, to which snickers ran around the room.

The two officials have been in a war of words and actions, for some time – all over their clearly differing conservative versus socialist liberal platforms. While Newsom has bought and sold California, to illegal migrants and the “vacation abortion” industry, DeSantis is holding a firm line on not destroying the lives of the people of Florida, which DeSantis states clearly “is not a sanctuary state”, and is promoting the rule of law across the board, taking on even the likes of Disney in an effort to “protect families” and “parental rights”.

The two positions could not be more poignant. Both Abbott and DeSantis recent bold moves, in opposing the freewheeling Biden administration, and its failed policies that are directly attacking their states, because of the U.S. “open” southern border, is nothing short of heroic. It remains to be seen this November, as the nation wrestles, with America’s future at the polls, which look will win – the windblown, rugged causal style, or the clearly molded, heavy gel look?

Stay tuned America and don’t forget to exercise your voice and VOTE.

“Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.”

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