Dems Label Pres. Candidate Marianne Williamson, A “Joke”, After She Announces 2024 Challenge To Biden

 March 5, 2023

With Biden yet to declare whether he will seek the presidency for a second term in 2024 or not, Democrats are taking aim at his only challenger, to date, Marianne Williamson. Bestselling self-help author and spiritual adviser, Williamson is facing backlash, from those within her own party after she announced over the weekend she would pose a political challenge to President Biden. She is the first Democrat, to announce she will challenge President Joe Biden in 2024.

Williamson said Saturday-

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me in there,… We know that this country is plagued by many challenges now, not the least of which is hatred and division, which is greater than any of us have experienced ... It is our job to create a vision of justice and love that is so powerful that it will override the forces of hatred and injustice and fear,"

-Marianne Williamson, 2024 Democratic Presidential Candidate

At Washington, D.C.’s Union Station, speaking from her campaign kickoff event, Williamson drew the ire of some in the Democratic Party who are more than willing to dismiss her candidacy altogether as not serious. Additionally, they seem willing to throw their support behind Biden, who will be nearly 82 at the next presidential election. Some of their comments included-

  • Lindy Li, political commentator and former Biden delegate, said on MSNBC after the announcement Saturday-

    "The best way to handle her is to not address her at all,"

    -Lindy Li, American Political Commentator
  • American lawyer and Democratic activist, Aaron Parnas took issue with those attempting to legitimize Williamson's candidacy, referring to Biden as one of the "most revolutionary" presidents in recent history. Parnas wrote in a now-deleted tweet-

    "The media needs to stop legitimizing Marianne Williamson's campaign for President," "President Biden has been one of the most revolutionary Presidents in recent history and has the full support of Democrats across America. There is no legitimate primary. Biden is our nominee."

    -Aaron Parnas, American Lawyer and Democratic Activist
  • Also downplaying Williamson's campaign announcement, referring to her as a "joke" with financial motive, Santiago Mayer, the founder and executive director of Voters of Tomorrow wrote-

    "Let’s be clear: Marianne Williamson is a joke," Mayer wrote. "She’s a fundamentally unserious candidate running as a stunt to sell her books."

    -Santiago Mayer, Voters of Tomorrow

Others in a half-hearted attempt to praise Williamson's speech, tweeted-

  • Steve Morris, senior producer at Recount Media, tweeted, along with a quote from the speech.

    "Marianne Williamson's announcement is really quite compelling," …[later joking] "I do get that this is how people fall into cults,"

    -Steve Morris, Recount Media

Williamson, in her speech on Saturday, called out leaders for lacking the "spine or moral courage" to fix the issues, painting a dark visage of America, saying it is a country of-

"broken windows," [addiction, poverty and despair]... "Half the people in this city don't even notice [despair]”

-Marianne Williamson, 2024 Democratic Presidential Candidate

In her former 2020 Democratic bid for the Presidential nomination, Williamson, had called for reparations and a Department of Peace as part of her unsuccessful campaign. During the 2020 cycle, Williamson was an unconventional candidate, who preached the politics of love, emphasizing the "six pillars for a season of moral repair," including economic justice.

Formerly she proposed creating a Department of Children and Youths, and a Department of Peace, pushing for reparations for the descendants of African-American slaves. Holding a meditation session, while campaigning in New Hampshire, was among her prior unorthodox acts.

Seemingly, Williamson was not taken seriously in the last go-round. It is little wonder Democrats are pushing her off to a corner so quickly this time. Further, most leaders in the Democratic Party, from both the establishment and progressive wings, say they will support Biden, who is expected in the coming weeks or months to announce his re-election campaign.

…“We're hard on each other because we're using each other as a launching pad out of our own perceived deficiency.”

-Brene Brown
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