Democrats Use Drag Queen To Rally 2024 Voters

 June 6, 2023

On Monday, Drew Hernandez, Reporter and TPUSA contributor, revealed footage of an all ages drag show in Tempe, Arizona that appeared to turn into a political rally.  Reportedly, to rally far-left progressive voters for Arizona’s upcoming elections, Democrats joined with a female impersonator at a public “Pride Party”. Richard Stevens, who uses the “drag queen” stage name of Barbra Seville, said-

“It’s not too late to register for the next election and turn the tide” [against the GOP]…It’s insane. It’s insane. Over 500 laws [to curb transgenderism] have been introduced across the country … If we could just elect one more person with views and opinions and commitments to us, like some other people do, we can call the shots and we can protect LGBTQU. We can protect trans people, we can protect people of color, we can make housing a priority, we can tackle things like guns in schools. But we can’t do it unless you all get involved and registered to vote”

- Democratic Supporter, Richard Stevens, Drag Queen

Directed at Republican legislators, across the nation, his anger was aimed at conservatives who have enacted many policies over the last year to protect children. However, all is not as progressive -Democrats would have America believe. According to recent polling results reported by Breitbart News this week-

“Americans are uniting in broad opposition to the transgender ideology despite a roar of pro-transgenderism rhetoric from Fortune 500 corporations, government officials, and establishment media.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans strongly agree that “There are [only] two genders, male and female,” according to a May 23-24 survey of 1,116 adults by Rasmussen Reports.

That is a 14-point jump from 2019, when only 43 percent of respondents said they strongly think there are “only two possible gender identities, man or woman,” a poll of 1,100 people by the left-wing Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found.

…[polling] indicate[s] a massive 30-point, multi-year public correction in strong views and the return to the normal pre-transgenderism view of human society.

The polls help explain why sales of Bud Light dropped by roughly 30 percent and why the stock price of the Target retail chain lost roughly $10 billion after their status-seeking middle managers wrapped their shareholders’ brands around the unpopular transgender ideology.”

-Breitbart News

The fact is, that conservative legislators have produced these increasingly bold laws, that have been enacted to protect children from trans-genderist advocates. These laws shield biological females in sports from opposite-sex cheaters and biological males in gym areas, and generally guard children from the chemically and physically/psychologically harmful effects of drug therapies and irreversible medical procedures that are supported by Democrat-affiliated transgender groups.

Interestingly, the centrist pushback against the far-left Democrats, is also being aided by the growing number of leave-us-alone gays and lesbians who are protesting the pro-transgender evangelization of K-12 children. Robert Wallace, from Gays Against Groomers in a recent Tweet said flatly-

“There is no pride in sexualizing, indoctrinating or mutilating kids.”

-Robert Wallace, Gays Against Groomers, Arizona

However in Tempe, Arizona, another Democrat political rally, featured the lesbian vice-mayor of Tempe, Jennifer Adams and a rapper who sang reportedly disgusting songs. Adams was quoted as saying-

“Don’t get mad, get elected! … The city of Tempe has gotten a perfect rating score from [pro-transgender] HRC [Human Rights Campaign group] for the last 10 years. Perfect! 100 percent! We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and it’s proven every single year when we get that 100 percent award.”

-Jennifer Adams, lesbian Vice-Mayor of Tempe, Arizona

Promoting the transgender ideology, the HRC rates companies to see which ones use their human resources staff to impose the HRC’s agenda on their workforces. Boasting of their 100 percent award is definitely not saying much. Apparently in Tempe, businesses are not free to think or run themselves as they like.

It is beyond believable how far into a hole the progressive-left has gone. This is a path from which they will likely never return. That America is seemingly pushing back on their indoctrinating pursuit of children, is a healthy sign that all is far from lost – a conservative America still exists and is finally standing up to be counted.

As companies like Anheuser Busch and Target are finding out – money talks. Hopefully like these businesses, the Democratic party with their woke ideology will finally be a clear stand-alone choice. Very openly opposing the awaking that this nation is experiencing, these far left – progressive socialists will no longer be able to hide. America will know what it is voting and paying for, together with what it can really expect of them.

“When we stand up for what we believe in—for what’s right—there is always a chance that we risk the very things we fight for: our safety, our lives, our freedom. But if we stand down, the risk is definite.”

-Kelseyleigh Reber
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