Democrats In Michigan rally for Palestine and cheer terrorist attacks

 October 11, 2023

Democrats in Michigan are rallying with Palestinian war cries and celebrating acts of terrorism.

In a recent event in Dearborn, Michigan, a "Free Palestine" rally was held where participants cheered for the Hamas terrorist organization and chanted for the destruction of Israel. Breitbart reported on the rally which revealed the chilling truth that there are Americans who are celebrating the barbaric and horrific terrorist attack on one of our closest allies.

Details of the rally

The rally took place at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. It was attended by elected officials and community organizations from the Detroit area. The event was meant to show solidarity for Palestinians. However, there was no mention of the numerous Israelis affected by the actions of the Hamas terror organization.

Chants such as "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" were heard, indicating the desire for the complete destruction of the State of Israel. Another chant, "With our souls, with our blood, we'll defend you, O Aqsa," was also prominent. This chant is a radical Islamic call that falsely claims Israel is threatening the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Various speakers took the stage, including state and county officials, Palestinian and Muslim activists, and even a representative from Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. It's worth noting that while Sharpton condemned a recent Hamas terror attack, his organization still seemed to support it at the rally.

Controversial statements made

One of the speakers at the event claimed that Hamas "is not a terrorist organization." This is despite the numerous atrocities attributed to them, including mass murders, abductions, and other heinous acts.

Another speaker made a puzzling claim that white supremacists wave Israeli flags at their rallies. This is a strange assertion given that white supremacists are typically antisemitic and opposed to Israel.

Interestingly, a speaker who talked about the possibility of "peace in the Middle East" and mentioned that "all of God’s children deserve to live in dignity" was interrupted by the audience's chants, without even addressing the issue of Hamas terrorism.

Representation at the rally

David Finkel, from the Detroit branch of “Jewish Voice for Peace,” a left-leaning organization known to support terrorists, spoke against peace negotiations between Israel and Arab states. He did not address the violent acts committed by Hamas.

Several speakers criticized President Joe Biden, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and other elected officials for their solidarity with Israeli victims of terror. They claimed that Arab American voters had been misled into supporting Democrats in recent elections.

Among the elected officials who addressed the rally were State Representative Alabas Farhat (D-Dearborn) and Deputy Wayne County Executive Assad Turfe. Turfe stated that supporters of the Palestinian cause were “on the right side of history.”

Conclusion and reflections

The rally in Dearborn, Michigan, has raised several concerns and questions about the stance of certain community leaders and organizations. The overt support for a recognized terrorist organization and the chants calling for the destruction of a sovereign nation are deeply troubling.

  • Democrats in Michigan rallied in support of Palestine and cheered for acts of terrorism.
  • Chants calling for the destruction of Israel were prominent at the event.
  • Several controversial statements were made, including claims that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.
  • Some speakers criticized US officials for showing solidarity with Israeli victims of terror.

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