Democrats Claim “Soft On Crime” Not To Blame For Bad Polling

By Ken on
 October 1, 2022
By Ken on

In this section of the Fox’s “The Five”: John Fetterman (D) from PA running for the Senate, this fall, in this last week, wiped the BLM section from his campaign website. The Democrats responsible for the high crime rates, in cities that are “soft on crime” has come back to haunt them. Panelists weigh in on Republican Dr. Oz, who’s narrowing the gap with Fetterman, among Pennsylvania voters by 45%-41%, in a Fox News survey released Wednesday.

They go on to discuss the crime rates in Philadelphia, where Larry Krasner, Philadelphia DA defends the Soft on Crime Strategy as “working”, though a 1700 people have been shot there in the past 20 months and 400 have died, according to archived news reports. Krasner blames the pandemic and it’s “devastating blow” as his rationale for the high crime in his city. He further claimed in this interview-

“the reality is…there is absolutely no correlation between being progressive or traditional and the rate of crime”

Larry Krasner, DA, Philadelphia PA  

Judge Jeanine goes on to call the DA an “idiot” for his above statement which she says can be easily debunked because she says the-

 “aggressive DA wants to let the criminal out and the traditional DA wants to lock him up and throw away the key, and make sure he pays for the crime he committed”.

-Judge Jeanine, Fox Five Panelist

A fascinating review of the ludicrous ponderings of the left, how they’re quick to drop any hint of crime that they can be related to, especially in an upcoming election, and how easily they dismiss their own progressive policies as having anything to do, with the raging crime rates, in their own Democrat run cities. If they’re not careful the left will get caught up, in their own whirlpool of confabulations and run amok ideologies. MAGA is definitely not their problem, their own thought process is are. How stupid can they be? Apparently profoundly stupid.

“I'm tired of being told it's elitist to call stupid behavior stupid. Remember when you were just a tot and thought it might be a good idea to stick your’ wee-wee, in the electrical socket? Hopefully, you had a mom who kicked you in the behind and called you stupid. There are times when mincing words and pleasant euphemisms simply don't cut it. Sometimes, you need to call stupid by its given name.”

-Quentin R. Bufogle
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