Democratic “Defund The Police” Cities Now Want More Cops – Hiring Their Own Security Guards

Fox’s “The Big Sunday Show” panelists discuss how several cities nationwide, who advocated to defund the police, are now hiring more cops to combat a spike in crime. Democrats are learning a big lesson on their previous position on defunding the police. All across the U.S., Democrats are changing their tune. The following headlines were published this last weekend, in Oregon, Minnesota and in New York

  • The Portland Press Herald on Friday Reported Portland Police Ramp Up Patrols Amid Strike In Violent Crime
  • The Star Tribune On Saturday Reported Minnesota Democrats Embrace Police-Friendly Message Amid Crime Concerns
  • The New York Post On Saturday Reported New York Block Hires Armed Security Guards To patrol Against Drug Ridden Street

Their previous defund the police rhetoric, with flat out hatred speech and community activism against law enforcement, has come home to roost in their own neighborhoods and communities. Nowhere has this been more damaging than on our U.S. Southern Border. With the border patrol taking a virtual beating from the National Democratic party, we are left with the Cartels and the China Mafia in charge.

Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader calls the Democrats out, on their failed policies regarding law enforcement and challenges the left to “enforce law and order”. He states because of their policies we now have Fentanyl coming across our southern border at an alarming rate and now it is the number one killer of Americans 25-44 years of age.

Twenty-one years after 9/11 we are in a very scary place with drugs and illegal migrants (some of whom are criminals) flowing over our border in masses. Because they have not been vetted by the administration – McCarthy asks

“what is the plan of these criminals for America”? adding  “we’re not safe to go out anymore – because the Democrats have created this problem”.

– Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader

The panelists go on to discuss the state of the narrative, that the Democrats, have sewn in opposing law enforcement, further seeding hate between communities of people. They further discuss the third-world-look of wealthier communities being able to afford protection while others go without.

The discussion is a good overview, of the cost to America of the Democratic policies regarding law enforcement, and covers the fact that Democrats are getting a dose of their own medicine – however the rest of America has to currently be significantly affected by their lack of true common sense, and responsibility.

“Common sense is not so common.”



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