Daughter Of Angie Harmon Caught In Alleged Nightclub Burglary, Quickly Freed Without Bail

 June 16, 2024

In an incident that stunned fans and followers, Avery Sehorn, the young daughter of well-known actress Angie Harmon and ex-NFL player Jason Sehorn, was arrested on June 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina. She faces charges of felony burglary and larceny following a break-in at the city's World Night Club.

The New York Post reported that the arrest came just four days after Avery graduated from high school, a period usually marked by celebrations and joyous gatherings, not criminal activities. Alongside two 17-year-old boys, Avery allegedly entered the nightclub via a back door.

The trio is accused of stealing six bottles of liquor, altogether valued at approximately $500. This act of theft was captured clearly on the nightclub's security cameras, which played a crucial role in the subsequent police investigation.

The involvement of such young individuals in this act has sent ripples through their local community and beyond.

Legal Proceedings and Public Concern

Avery was quickly freed from custody. Remarkably, she was released without bail on the condition that she return for a hearing. This leniency, often not afforded in felony cases, especially those involving burglary, has raised eyebrows. She's required to attend a court session scheduled for June 18 at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

Given the seriousness of the charges, the lack of any stringent release conditions such as bail or house arrest prompts a discussion on the influence of personal background in legal decisions.

Avery's imminent college plans to attend the University of Alabama this fall might also face complications due to this legal entanglement.

The Sehorn family is no stranger to media attention, though typically of a different nature. Angie Harmon, Avery's mother, has been in the public eye due to her acting career and more recently, a lawsuit involving an incident where an Instacart driver allegedly shot her dog.

Jason and Angie separated in 2014 but remain in the public spotlight due to their professional achievements and personal dramas, which now include the legal issues facing their eldest daughter.

They also have two other daughters, Finley, 20, and Emery, 15, who so far have not been involved in any publicized legal situations.

The community response to Avery’s arrest has been mixed, with some expressing disappointment and others pointing to youthful indiscretion. Her planned attendance at the University of Alabama might also be a topic of concern for both the university and future employers, given the high-profile nature of this case.

As the date of her court hearing approaches, all eyes will be on how this case develops and what consequences it might have for Avery's future.

This situation serves as a poignant reminder of how quickly circumstances can change and the potential repercussions of a momentary lapse in judgment.

The implications of this case extend beyond just the legal challenges. They strike at questions about parental influence, youth behavior in high-stress situations like post-graduation, and the scrutiny faced by children of public figures.


Avery Sehorn's brush with the law right after her high school graduation brings to light several issues including celebrity, youthful indiscretion, and the legal processes for young offenders.

As this case unfolds, it will likely serve as both a personal and public lesson in accountability and the consequences of one's actions.

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