Daily Wire To Try And Take Biden Lawsuit To The Supreme Court

By Ken on
 December 20, 2021
By Ken on

Sometimes the left-wing, socialist agenda seems impossible to stand against. We need to remember that we are not alone, there are giants out there willing to stand up for what's right.

One such giant has taken the form of the Daily Wire, who is appealing the Supreme Court of the United States in a landmark case regarding bodily autonomy.

The core argument of the lawsuit is that unelected officials at OSHA do not have the right to force businesses and private employees into getting a vaccine. This is an unconstitutional attack on our freedoms and this lawsuit aims to set a precedent.

The bad ness is that so far, the Supreme Court has not taken on any vaccine cases. The good news is that this lawsuit is a bit different an the Daily Wire is confident they have a solid case.

We hope that they do, and we hope that more businesses stand with them against this tyranny. We will not stand idly by and watch the government take away our God given constitutional rights.

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