Conservatives Celebrate Newly Adopted House Rules - End of Proxy Voting, Beginning Of “We The People”

 January 11, 2023

Following the Republican-led House’s vote, approving of a new rules package on Monday, some conservative lawmakers are celebrating the end of proxy voting. Following Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R) CA historic speakership battle, which comprised 15 rounds of voting, GOP lawmakers finally adopted rules for the 118th Congress, on Saturday after midnight.

On Monday, the House officially adopted rules in a 220–213 vote. According to Breitbart news, these newly adopted rules were focused on “reducing government spending, increasing legislative transparency, and shifting power away from leadership and toward rank-and-file members.”

McCarthy said in a statement, noting that the rule changes include, the end of proxy voting, something celebrated by some conservative lawmakers. He added-

“Congress has been broken for a long time. Over the years, a concentration of power within the Speaker’s Office has kept lawmakers on the legislative sidelines. Lawmaking should be open to all members not just a select few so that the best ideas win.”

-Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R) CA

On a social media his post described these new rules mean-

  • Increase transparency
  • Reopen Congress to We the People
  • Empower members to debate

And are replacing rules that-

  • Kept deal-making hidden behind closed doors
  • Allowed for unconstitutional proxy voting
  • Silenced representative’s [sic] voices

Celebrating the change, Rep. Thomas Massie, (R) KY said-

 “Proxy voting has ended in the House! It was rarely used for its stated purpose of dealing with COVID.” “But it was frequently abused by members to attend fund raisers, campaign, go on vacation, and avoid traveling for work. I’m one of a small minority who never voted by proxy,”

- Rep.Thomas Massie, (R) KY

Several others weighed in, on the changes. “Rep. Kevin Kiley (R) CA remarked –

“Tonight, the House passed a rule to end proxy voting. Some members of Congress are upset they can no longer vote from the golf course,”

-Rep. Kevin Kiley (R) CA

Additionally, Rep. Byron Donalds (R) FL commented,

“Today, House Republicans will vote to END proxy voting once and for all. The House of Representatives isn’t a tech company,”…. “Its members should work IN PERSON in the People’s House!”

- Rep. Byron Donalds (R) FL

That this congress has had a more-rocky launch than most, should be seen as good and not bad, in that, all representatives have the chance to come together and literally debate the issues before them. That means each representative can bring his or her ideas from their constituents to the table. This is the real democratic process and how it was designed to be.

Further that the vote on this, their first project, was achieved in a bipartisan manner is both positive and sets a great precedent for how they will hopefully work together moving forward, for the people of this country. Congress has needed “fixed” for some time and they are off to a good start. America will be watching.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller
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