Connecticut Community Rallies After Christmas Food Donations Stolen: It's Like A “Hallmark Movie”

 December 25, 2022

A Connecticut community rallied together after Christmas food donations were stolen from resident Rick Bollash’s front year Christmas display. East Hartford, Connecticut resident Rick Bollash shared his insight on his food drive, this year, on FOX’s “America Reports.”

Known locally for his elaborate Santa's Village display, which he has set up on his front lawn for the past three years, among the life-size inflatables, a mailbox for children to send letters to Santa, Bollash displays a designated donation bin to encourage visitors to contribute items to the local food bank.

In a touching display of generosity, after a Grinch stole his Christmas food donation bin, from his holiday lawn display,

Bollash declared he received more donations this year than he ever has in the past.

According to his report to FOX NEWS, last week, Bollash says he was leaving his house when he noticed that the bin had been taken. After he and Mayor Mike Walsh posted about the theft on Facebook, the East Hartford community came together, to stop the Grinch from ruining Christmas, in a scene reminiscent of the holiday classic - "It’s a Wonderful Life."

In his interview, Bollash indicated that he was so disappointed that he considered ending the holiday lawn display. However, the overwhelming community's outpouring of support, restored his enthusiasm for the tradition.

Bollash told Fox News host John Roberts on "America Reports” that-

"After what happened. It’s like a whole Hallmark movie, everybody came together and it went from the Grinch stealing it to the Who’s in Whoville saving Christmas again,"

-East Hartford, Connecticut Resident Rick Bollash

According to the Journal Inquirer, within just a few days, residents had dropped off over 60 bags of groceries and two $500 checks for the St. Mary’s Food Bank. Bollash said-

 "I came home one morning and the whole front step was blocked with bags of food and everything, which is a good thing. I had to go around the back door to get in,"… "It’s been unbelievable, and actually Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus came by Tuesday night, came on a fire truck and a police escort, and we did a fill the cruiser food drive,"

An obviously grateful, Bollash said, in his summary of the event, that he received far more donations this year than he ever has in the past because of his community's outpouring of generosity.

Of the person who stole the donation bin, Bollash said he hopes they will benefit from it, acknowledging that the holidays are a particularly difficult time for the needy. He added-

"I’m hoping it might have been somebody in need,"… "Because I’ve had it for years, I’ve never had vandals before. That’s a lot of stuff that they could destroy out there."

-East Hartford, Connecticut Resident Rick Bollash

It is this kind of generosity that America is made of – people helping people without hesitation and without regard for their socioeconomic status, the color of their skin or their religious belief systems. America is a generous, warm, caring collective of people who show brotherly love – despite the odds. May America never lose it’s focus on helping others – it’s what makes it a special place in the world. The ability to come together for the common good is what makes America

truly a “Hallmark Moment”.

“The most truly generous persons are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward.”

-Carol Ryrie Brink
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