CNN Mocked For Claiming Lottery Is Racist

By Ken on
 November 13, 2022
By Ken on

In this segment of Fox News’ “Outnumbered”, hosts respond to a CNN piece, calling out the lottery for “systemic racism”, after a California man won the 2 billion-dollar power ball jackpot.

Apparently, CNN, in an effort to take some higher ground, wrote-

“… despite the extremely low chances of anyone winning, state lotteries continue to sell tickets to lower income communities at higher rates leading those Americans to believe it’s a quick way to build health…researchers say. These communities are disproportionately made up of black and brown people. Critics say the consequence is… that marginalized people will be driven into deeper debt by a system that is transferring wealth out of their communities.”


Hosts discuss the fact that this kind of stab, at calling something “racist” actually detracts from circumstances that are truly and more notably racist, adding that the argument that racism is happening to the black and brown communities, does not adequately allow those same persons their own “agency” in seeking to take actions themselves, such as choosing to participate or not. They discuss the weaknesses of CNN’s current argument that others must look out for these populations, who they seem to indicate, cannot think for themselves.

The panel goes on to discuss, that seemingly “the left destroys everything that it touches”, purporting that the lottery is a gamble, a supposed form of entertainment for some, and oh by the way – no one is forced to buy a lottery ticket, nor is anyone really looking at this like it is wealth management.

Just another seeming intrusion by the left to call everything racist – the panel debunks the CNN statement on all fronts, especially from the left’s condescending position of “we think better for you”, referring to the minority groups they are talking about. A fun but sobering look, at just how far the left will go, to find a racist platform, this segment is both humorous and sobering at the same time.

One blogger put it this way-

“Calling the lottery racist is like calling Stacy Abrams a fitness instructor”

-Tourettes Guy, Fox News Blogger
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