CNN Admits “It’s Time to Prepare for a Recession”

 June 2, 2022

Because they could not avoid it finally, with the present state of our economy tanking - CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet, that feeds off of conspiracy theories and political violence, published a shocking truth-

  “It’s time to prepare for a recession.”

- John Nolte, CNN

 For this to happen, the inevitable state of a recession is upon us.

When energy costs explode, as it has under Joe Biden’s administration, there goes the economy. Simply put, the perfect economic storm includes the war in Ukraine, Covid lockdowns in China, with follow-on supply shocks (supply chain problems) boosting inflation and slowing needed economic growth.

Then there is the massive $3.9 trillion in fiscal stimulus that was infused into the economy in 2020 and 2021, with over a hundred billion dollars in bonds that the Federal Reserve was buying monthly since the height of the pandemic.

Additionally, Joe Biden is choosing not to aid the economy, by returning America to energy dependence.  Biden deliberately put an end to the energy independence we had formerly to explode the cost of gasoline and transition us into the future of electric vehicles. Biden and his administration have so categorically mishandled the economy, with the result of devastating America’s economic standing, that even CNN cannot pretend how bad things are.

America is in for a wild ride thanks to Uncle Joe and his progressive pals in D.C.

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