Clinton Supposedly Dismissed A 2024 Run For The Presidency Maintaining That Joe Biden Will Stand Again

On Friday, Hillary Clinton, in an interview with Financial Times, supposedly dismissed a 2024 run for the presidency maintaining that Joe Biden will stand again and any move by her into the political spotlight would detract from his efforts to return to the White House. When asked she stated – “No, out of the question,” pointing to Biden’s professed plan to run for reelection.

Clinton went further by offering that her entry to the field would take the focus off the incumbent who she would rather support than challenge adding-

“I expect Biden to run. He certainly intends to run. It would be very disruptive to challenge that.”

-Hilary Clinton

Well, it sounds noble. But if America believes that statement made by Hillary, they could invest in hot beachfront property in Hawaii too. In the following video clip, Hilary sounds very much like she is re-introducing herself to the democratic party as a centrist who can pull voters together to win seats in the 2022 fall elections. Further, She appears to be positioning herself in case Biden falls off something bigger than his bicycle and fails to run.

Though the polls show, that largely the American public is averse to his running for another term, as early as last November Biden, had stated both publicly and privately that he intends to run for reelection in 2024. Time will tell.

Already the oldest presidential candidate to be elected as commander-in-chief in the 2020 election, now 79 years old, Biden will be just short of his 82nd birthday come November 5, 2024. That date is the next time U.S. voters go to the polls to elect a president. With his clearly declining cognitive abilities, it is doubtful. You can be sure that Clinton will be there waiting to save the day.

Hillary is a shrewd politician, who will be holding her cards close, until it seems that Joe Biden is not going to run or until such time as his own party precludes it. At present, she seems flattered with all the media attention and appears to want to power posture her way back into the political game. She has already waded deep into the conversation.

A very loud voice for the Democratic left, she is losing no time trying to convince her party that “democracy” as she calls it, is on the line this November in the 2022 elections. Known for her distorted truths, outright lies and seeming lawlessness, that she appears to have gotten around, she is not a candidate to be trusted. With Hillary Clinton, often times, no means yes, and yes means no. She will waste no time in stepping up for a White House bid if and when the opportunity arises.

As a seasoned, well connected, mudslinger in the swamp, the American populace would do well to be very vigilant regarding what Hillary says, but more so, what she actually does. It remains to be seen how this fall and the 2024 election race will bear itself out. At this point it is a matter of national survival.

Again, vigilance is the key. This nation cannot prevent, combat or deal in anyway what doesn’t see happening. This is not the time to tacitly consent to anything! Nor is this the time to shrink back, but rather the time to stand for what America as a nation was founded upon. That is more what’s at stake. What will we leave to our posterity?

“Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Its Extinction. We Didn’t Pass It To Our Children In The Bloodstream. It Must Be Fought For, Protected, And Handed On For Them To Do The Same.”

– Ronald Reagan


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