City Reduces COVID Restrictions For Everyone Except Kids Under 5

From the beginning of the pandemic, COVID has been remarkably easy on kids. While there have been children who've died from COVID, they are certainly not the demographic most affected.

As the country wakes to the novel idea that the economy cannot be locked down forever some cities are stubbornly clinging to any last shred of power they possibly can.

New York City is finally dropping the vaccine passport system, mask mandates, and social distancing requirements for everyone except kids under 5.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams claims this is because kids under 5 cannot be vaccinated and "Iā€™d rather have people complaining against me than us losing our babies in our city".

The problem with this philosophy and the entire safety first mentality is that it only accounts for public health. It ignores the economy, mental health, and the development of our children.

Forcing masks on children under 5 is incredibly difficult. If you aren't a parent, keep in mind that forcing a 5 year old to do anything is difficult enough, let alone restricting their ability to breathe and communicate.

The bottom line is that the left is loathe to give up the enormous amount of power that COVID has given them. Especially if this means that they were wrong all along.

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