China Barks It ‘Will Not Hesitate to Fight’ America If It Defends Taiwan

 June 14, 2022

In what appeared to threaten war with America, Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe on Sunday, during remarks at the Shangri-La Dialogue, a global security conference in Singapore, asserted that the Communist Party would “fight to the very end” to annex Taiwan.

While Taiwan has never in its history, been governed by a state entity headquartered in Beijing, and has no tangible government ties to Communist China, the Party has insisted for decades that Taiwan is a “province” of China. However, Taiwan is a sovereign democratic island nation off the coast of China.  

If countries want diplomatic ties with China, however, they are forced not to recognize Taiwan as a state – including the United States. America does not recognize Taiwan as a state, but sells its government weapons and in doing so has discouraged a Chinese military invasion of the country.

Lending a decisive hand to the Taiwanese military against a Chinese invasion, Chinese officials’ have shown alarm at America’s potential assistance, which has escalated since President Joe Biden took office. He has on multiple occasions, claimed that a “commitment” exists on Washington’s part to intervene against China in any potential invasion. Thanks to former President Jimmy Carter, however, the U.S. government does not even recognize Taiwan as a country, much less maintain any military pacts with Taipei.

According to the Chinese state broadcaster CGTN, Wei reportedly told attendees at the Shangri-La Dialogue on Sunday,

“Taiwan is China’s Taiwan, period. The Taiwan question is China’s internal affair,” and “No one should ever underestimate the resolve and capabilities of China’s armed forces to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Adding “Those who pursue ‘Taiwan independence’ in an attempt to split China will definitely come to no good end, and foreign interference is doomed to failure,” he further warned “Let me make this clear: If anyone dares to secede Taiwan from China, we will not hesitate to fight, we will fight at all costs and we will fight to the very end. This is the only choice for China.”

- Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe

More explicitly, Wei threatened America in comments regarding the competitive nature of the two countries’ relationship. He postured-

“If you want to talk, we should talk with mutual respect. If you want to engage, we should seek peaceful coexistence. If you want to cooperate, we should seek mutual benefits and win-win results,” the general suggested. “However, if you want confrontation, we will fight to the very end.” And insisted (that the U.S. should) “stop smearing and containing China, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and stop harming China’s interests.”

- Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe

Wei is obviously a talking head, because he seems to do nothing but seek to verbally dominate the whole world on behalf of China, who he claims has an unswerving commitment to the path of “peaceful development”. He (Wei) told the conference, according to the hand-picked highlights published by the Chinese Defense Ministry-

“China’s development is not a threat, but a great contribution to world peace and development.” and “The pace of China’s development is unstoppable, and its commitment to the path of peaceful development is unswerving,”

- Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe

The tact he maintained at the conference could be likened to that of a schnauzer, which barks at its own shadow with a shrill fierceness that gives one pause, until you see the actual size of the dog, then it becomes laughable.

One poignant example of China’s “peaceful development” is the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI), China’s largest development project that entraps poor countries by offering them predatory loans and then seizing the countries’ territories when they are unable to pay. Among the most aggrieved victims of the BRI are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. Obviously, these countries are not laughing, they let the schnauzer get too close and were formally bitten.

Celebrating Wei’s speech on Sunday, China’s Global Times, the government newspaper ran an editorial more explicitly threatening America with war if it continues to enjoy friendly relations with Taiwan. More barking, with teeth-nashing to keep the propaganda wheels turning.

Claiming that Wei’s threats were “necessary” The Global Times purported that warnings exist because “the U.S. has continued to expand arms sales to Taiwan, sent congress people [sic] and former dignitaries to visit Taiwan, and revised the State Department’s website regarding the fact list of US-Taiwan Relations.”

OK, so the warnings (incessant barking) are so America will feel disinclined to come alongside Taiwan? Wei does not know the American Spirit when someone picks on someone smaller or less fortunate. America does not like bullies – it detests them as a general rule. Again, the U.S. must stay vigilant, to support these allies should the need arise. China will not shrink back and appeasement of them invites action. America, now is not the time to seem weak.

On the other side - Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) condemned Wei’s speech later on Sunday, declaring that his (Wei’s) threats-

“proved that Beijing is the source of the regional disturbance.” Adding that “The council said it is ‘a fact’ that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait do not belong to each other, and that Taiwan has never been a part of China,” and  “China has been ignoring Taiwan and other countries’ opposition to its aggressive actions and false claims, and trying to unify with Taiwan by force, the MAC said, adding that China would suffer the consequences of meddling with Taiwan’s international support.”

-Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC)

China is a bully, plain and simple – who cares little for anything less than world dominance. There will never be world peace as long as The Communist Party can successfully persecute their own population, entrap other nations by their propaganda, steal technology from the unsuspecting and generally smile all the while they plot treachery worldwide.  The U.S. should to listen well, watch the barking and take care to avoid the teeth.

“The true character of a person lays in their willingness to face the gravest of moments, and in those moments to turn the best of their ideals into the most sacrificial of actions.”

-Craig D. Lounsbrough

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