Biden Sends Pelosi And Contingent To Ukraine With Message Of U.S. Solidarity

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously pleaded with President Biden to personally visit the capital city of Kyiv to show that he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine as it struggles through its ongoing war and absorption by neighboring Russia. This is an understandable request of a US president and an ally. Instead, Zelensky got an unannounced […]

Poor Russian Judgement Threatens International Incident in Space

Terry Virts, former International Space Station Commander and a NASA astronaut himself discussed the misreported, yet actually revealed poorly timed humor of Russian Space Agency Head Dmitry Rogozin in an interview by Fox News. Though the incident was misreported in that interview, Former commander Virts explains how this recently reported threat by Rogozin to leave the American […]

Literally Losing Our Future – A Silent Tragedy

Hours ago, Ukraine’s chief prosecutor’s office reported that at least 79 children have been killed since the invasion began on Feb. 24 with the death toll rising as Putin targets defenseless civilian populations. Where are those to protect the helpless from this barbarism? Is anyone listening? Last week Russian forces bombed a maternity and children’s hospital in […]

Biden Welcomes Ukraine Refugees Despite Clear Conflicts for US

This past Friday President Biden proclaimed “We are going to welcome Ukrainian refugeeswith open arms if in fact they come all the way here”. This marks his ongoing commitmentto open border policies despite poor polling numbers. While the White House Ukrainian refugee policy forces asylum seekers to finding their own way to the U.S., there […]

Biden Blames Putin for US Inflation, Claims It’s Not Democrats’ Fault

President Biden’s mind is best categorized as a runaway train. His latest remarks on inflation are just another example of Biden’s out-of-control rhetoric. His claim that inflation “is largely the fault of” Russian President Vladimir Putin flies in the face of the fact that inflation began rising well before Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine.  As […]

Trump Slams Biden’s “Incompetent” Withdrawal Out of Afghanistan: Putin Invades Ukraine

Donald Trump has criticized the Biden administration’s incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, which he claims led Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. “The Biden administration’s total incompetence in withdrawing from Afghanistan led directly to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” Trump said in a statement. “The way they got out of Afghanistan looked like a complete surrender,… […]