Wokeness Destroying Military Recruitment And Retention, National Security At Risk

The United States Military has one purpose: protect the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. In other words, it exists to protect the American way of life. To that end, the members of the United States Military have traditionally been encouraged to emphasize the team over the individual, to great effect. However, things have changed. […]

Trump Slams Biden’s “Incompetent” Withdrawal Out of Afghanistan: Putin Invades Ukraine

Donald Trump has criticized the Biden administration’s incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, which he claims led Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. “The Biden administration’s total incompetence in withdrawing from Afghanistan led directly to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” Trump said in a statement. “The way they got out of Afghanistan looked like a complete surrender,… […]

Biden Administration’s Weak Leadership Emboldens Russia, China

The Biden administration has been a disaster for foreign relations. Unfortunately, the worst may be yet to come. Of course, many of us knew this was the case, but the American public turned a blind eye to it because at least we no longer had mean tweets. Until Afghanistan… That was the moment many Americans […]

Former Vice President’s Weakness Is Emboldening Russia Against Ukraine

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s apparent weakness is sending signals to Russia that minor incursions into Ukraine will likely go unchallenged. This comes after Biden made bizarre statements that seem to give Russia the green light to commit “minor” incursions without consequence. “Biden’s latest security blunder, signaling he wouldn’t act on a ‘minor incursion’ in […]