Patriot Moms Expose Radical Agendas In Schools Across The Nation

It’s no secret that schools across the nation are pushing a radical leftist agenda. But now, a group of patriot moms are fighting back. These brave women have been going undercover to expose the corruption and indoctrination taking place in our schools. They believe that the National Association of Independent Schools is at fault, and […]

Students Fed Up With Mask Mandates, Serve School Board With Lawsuit

A group of Virginia students fed up with the school board’s mask mandates served the board with a lawsuit on Tuesday. The students, who are represented by the Rutherford Institute, argue that the mandates are unconstitutional. According to a press release from the institute, “the affidavits were presented after a “speaker claimed that the school […]

Democrat “Trusts The Science”, Except When It Comes To Kids

The left worships at the alter of COVID-19. They LOVE the fact that they can control Americans and force them into doing things they don’t want to do. Top leftists like Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi love to tell us how important masks are while flaunting their status at public events WITHOUT wearing masks. In […]

MIT Research Shows That Kids Should Not Get COVID Vaccination

Here’s a shocker… parents who’ve been apprehensive about giving their children the COVID vaccination have been validated. What’s this you say, parents know what’s best for their kids?! Impossible. All joking aside, it’s about time we had validation from actual, real live scientists about vaccinating kids against COVID. “outrageous to be giving vaccines to young […]

Two Democrats Stand Between Communism And America

In a shocking twist, two democrats will likely stand with Republicans and block Biden’s plea to remove the filibuster and nuke election integrity. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin seem to be making a stand on the right side of things for once. Biden would need all 50 of the Democrats to alter the filibuster rule […]

The Numbers Are In – Biden Approval Is Plummeting

In a new Quinnipiac poll, Biden job approval is tanking… big surprise, right? It’s gotten so bad that just over 75% of Democrats still support him, and we all know how blind they are to the flaws of their own candidates. Independents on the other hand only show about 25% approval, while the total tally […]

WATCH: Liberals Losing Their Minds On Tik Tok

The left LOVES to play the victim card any chance they get. In fact, they actively seek ways to claim victimhood. Sometimes, this farce can be downright hilarious, though slightly sickening. A recent Twitter account, called Libs of Tik Tok, gives us a glimpse into this world of liberal victimhood. The account is ran by […]