5th Grade Teacher Forces White Kids to Apologize to Black Kids for Their Skin Color

A North Penn School District 5th grade teacher is in hot water after making white students apologize to black classmates for their skin color. According to outraged parents, the teacher had the children line up from lightest to darkest and made them apologize. This outrageous act of segregation has sparked national outrage, and the school […]

Democrat Senators Walk Out In Protest Of Bill That Bans Racism

A bizarre turn of events in Mississippi highlights the true racism of the left. Fourteen Democrat Mississippi State senators stormed out of the Senate chambers Friday in protest of a bill that literally bans racism. The bill leftist senators protested states the following: (1) No public institution of higher learning, community/junior college, school district or […]

Florida Governor DeSantis Announces WOKE Act To Combat Critical Race Theory

Governors in America right now are pretty hit or miss… but Florida Governor DeSantis can always be relied on in these troubled times. We’ve all heard about critical race theory and how the far left wants to brainwash our kids with it. This dangerous ideology only serves to further divide Americans. The good news for […]

Denver School Holds Segregated Event

In the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion, a Denver school has started holding “separate but equitable” events where attendees are racially segragated. The same school also holds several family “activities” based on critical race theory. These events and activities were created at the request of several families in the community. ‚ÄúSome of these families […]