Biden Administration Caught Red-Handed Stealing From American Infants

Once again, Americans take a back seat to the needs of the Democratic party. Nothing like being considered second rate. The Biden administration is showing their true colors, once more by sending scarce baby food to the border to be used by families of illegal immigrants when it is nearly impossible to find it on US […]

Woman Dies After Hanging From Border Fence, Highlights Ongoing Crisis

Yet another tragedy at the border, this latest incident – in which a young woman died after trying to cross from Mexico into the United States – is just one example of the ongoing border crisis. For years, our southern border has been porous, now made worse by the lack of concern from the white […]

Democratic Congresswoman Calls For “Civilianized” Border Patrol

Claiming Thursday, the use of  “civilianized” personnel would “restore” the dignity of all involved, Texas Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar called an end to the handling of illegals that cross America’s borders by law enforcement. Her proposal has recently gotten the ear of President Joe Biden. In a recent interview on MSNBC’s “Reports” with José Díaz-Balart, […]

President Joe Biden Has Finally Acknowledged The United States Has A Border Crisis

It’s been a long time coming, but finally President Joe Biden has acknowledged the United States border crisis. In recent talks with the president of Poland, Biden said that “thousands of people a day” are trying to cross the US border. For too long, the US government has pretended like everything was fine at the […]

Biden Welcomes Ukraine Refugees Despite Clear Conflicts for US

This past Friday President Biden proclaimed “We are going to welcome Ukrainian refugeeswith open arms if in fact they come all the way here”. This marks his ongoing commitmentto open border policies despite poor polling numbers. While the White House Ukrainian refugee policy forces asylum seekers to finding their own way to the U.S., there […]

Texas Starts It’s Own Construction On Border Wall

Those of us who care about maintaining freedom in America know that this depends in part on the border defense. Not only from direct attack, but from the insidious infiltration of illegal immigrants. However, the Biden administration and his lackeys have all but abandoned strong policy aimed at defending our borders. The good news is […]