Canada Distributing Names Of Freedom Convoy Participants To Banks, Vows Harsh Punishment

According to Breitbart, Canadian Prime Minister "Blackface" Trudeau is cracking down hard on the peaceful protests known as the Freedom Convoy".

The plan all along has been to cut off the protestors from any kind of financial support, including the citizens own personal assets.

This horrifying attack on legitimately peaceful protesters is a far cry from the violence and destruction seen in the BLM riots. They should take note on how to effectively protest... but that's not likely.

The sickening response to the freedom convoy from the left removes any shadow of a doubt on where they stand regarding protests. They praise BLM for years for the burning, looting and rioting but advocate jailing anyone who dares exercise the right to true, peaceful protest.

It remains a mystery how anyone with a shred of common sense could stand with the left after the unending, shameless hypocrisy... only the midterms will tell how many liberals are ready to disavow their radical leaders.

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