California Makes History As First State in U.S. Giving Food Stamps to Illegal Aliens

 July 1, 2022

California, with Governor Gavin Newsome, leading the charge, will make history by becoming the first state in the nation to give food stamps to illegal aliens. However, this likely will not cost Newsome any personal funds, because he taxes the businesses of California and its’ citizens into oblivion to fund his leftist-progressive initiatives.

It’s also one more reason that the flight to other states from California, is reaching an all-time high. Though the state boasts a current surplus, while it sports a minimum of $1.18/gallon tax on gasoline, statewide – he will likely grab the money from somewhere besides his own wallet.

The first initiative of its kind in the United States, this week, Newsom announced, a budget deal with Democratic state legislators, that includes providing food stamps, paid for by California’s taxpayers, to illegal aliens 55 and older.

According to the Fresno Bee, this policy is historic for the state. An executive with the group ‘Nourish California’ reportedly stated that-

“California is once again making history by removing xenophobic exclusions to our state’s safety net.”

-Spokesperson Nourish California

Costing California’s taxpayers, a little more than a mere $35 million, with about 75,000 illegal aliens, expected to enroll every year, the expansion of the state’s CalFresh food stamps program, will be a real bargain for the illegals and apparently pocket change for every Californian. It’s like Biden and Newsome think the same of taxpayers – they apparently, are just another slush fund for their own policy changes.

Additionally, Newsom’s budget deal also ensures that California, is the first state in the nation, to provide taxpayer-funded health insurance to all of its 3.3 million illegal aliens. Again, what a great bargain for illegals, while taxpayers there get hosed. Slated to begin in 2024, the plan, which offers, taxpayer-funded health insurance to its entire illegal alien population, the largest in the nation, is expected to cost California’s taxpayers about $2.4 billion annually, give or take a few bucks.

Obviously, Governor Newsome and Joe Biden have similar economic focuses. Their currently democratically controlled legislatures want to be the first to bankrupt the American taxpayers in favor of non-citizens. Theirs is a country for the illegals, paid for by the taxpayers, and of the progressive – socialists, who apparently think America has no say in their policies and is obliged to sit down, shut up and hand over their wallets. Really?

America, especially Californians, need to stand up and be counted in opposition to this illegal funding of non-citizens with their hard-earned tax dollars. That Newsome would announce this insanity while, inflation rages and those from his own state are paying in excess of $6.50/ gallon of gas, shows that like Joe Biden, Newsome doesn’t really care what taxpayers have to pay for, as long as his agenda materializes. Well connected translates into well supported apparently.

That’s what you’d expect from power hungry billionaires, who collect a salary they don’t’ need, from the American taxpayers. Obviously, no matter who is plundered, they come first.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

- Frédéric Bastiat
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