Alvin Bragg Prosecutor Named Key Democrats As Job Referrals In Further Evidence Of Collusion

 July 9, 2024

Matthew Colangelo, pivotal in the hush money case against former President Donald Trump, listed top Democrats as references, raising claims of political bias.

The center of a contentious political narrative, Colangelo took a significant role in the legal efforts against Donald Trump. Colangelo, a prominent figure in the Trump hush money case, was once a candidate for a role with the New York Attorney General's office in late 2017, dramatically influencing his career trajectory.

The Washington Examiner reported that Colangelo submitted a resume that included formidable references - former Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and then-future Chief of Staff for President Joe Biden, Jeff Zients.

Perez had a substantial role as DNC chairman, notably leading strategic campaigns credited with supporting Joe Biden's 2020 election victory before serving as Biden's senior advisor after stepping down in 2021.

Details of Colangelo’s Historical Connections

Before his application to the New York Attorney General’s office, Colangelo’s professional journey was markedly intertwined with the Democrats, having worked under Jeff Zients in the Obama administration. Colangelo's selection of these leading Democrats as references underscored his deep connections within Democratic political circles.

The job Colangelo secured at the Attorney General’s office in January 2018 was specifically aimed at social justice matters. Alvin Bragg, at that time advancing in his legal career, would lead the office shortly after. This position subsequently led Colangelo into proximity to high-profile cases against Trump.

By December 2022, Colangelo was deeply engaged in significant white-collar investigations in Manhattan, eventually directing his expertise toward Trump. He took a prominent role in the Trump trial, notably delivering the powerful opening statement.

Scrutiny Over Political Associations

The disclosure of Colangelo's resume in early 2024 by the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Republican Jim Jordan, stirred notable controversy.

Pressed by the implications of Colangelo's previous political affiliations, Jordan decried the legal actions against Trump as a "political hit job."

This assertion stemmed partly from an encouraging note written to Colangelo by a colleague from Letitia James' office. "Matthew, glad to see you are back in NYC. Sounds like you and Mr. Trump’s paths will continue to intersect," the note read, suggesting a predestined clash with Trump.

These events painted a complex picture of Colangelo's professional and political narratives intersecting with judicial proceedings against a prominent political figure.

The involvement in both high-profile white-collar investigations and Trump's previous civil lawsuit dealings contributed to the layered discussions on potential bias.

Previous Investigative Work Against Trump

Before his involvement in the criminal proceedings, Colangelo had been a force against Trump under different capacities. While under Letitia James, he participated in a massive civil lawsuit against Trump and the Trump Organization in fall 2022, aligning earlier investigative efforts against the Trump Foundation.

These engagements outlined consistency in his legal focus, yet fueled debates on his impartiality in the ongoing political-legal narratives.

Indeed, the fallout from these revelations about Colangelo’s affiliations and their timing has sparked a reevaluation of the interconnections between judicial personnel and political engagements.

Whether these affiliations affect judicial neutrality remains a central theme in the discussions surrounding the trial's fairness.

The implications of Colangelo’s professional affiliations and their revelation through formal political channels highlight the delicate balance between judicial responsibilities and political backgrounds. As this story continues to unfold, the scrutiny over Colangelo's roles both past and present challenges perceptions of the integrity within the U.S. judicial systems tied to high-profile political figures.

Concluding Reflections on Colangelo’s Career Trajectory

The narrative of Matthew Colangelo’s career, marked by pivotal roles and significant references, encapsulates a broader conversation about the intersections of law, justice, and political partisanship.

The disclosure and its implications not only revisit his comprehensive legal undertakings but also reflect upon the intricate dance of law and politics in America. His path, continuously intersecting with Donald Trump’s, serves as a reminder of the ongoing complexity of separating political beliefs from judicial duties in American jurisprudence.

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