Billionaire George Soros Funds 13 Radical Dems in 2022 Congressional Races

Life isn’t hard enough for mainstream Americans with: an open border that is financially bleeding tax dollars for the tracking and care of illegal migrants, empty grocery shelves, 40-year high inflation, off the hook gas prices, soaring housing costs across the nation and so much more – now we have this radical old man, with money, trying to buy elected officials whose objective is to make life in the US even harder. This buying of elected officials is all under the guise of “Build Back Better” . However, in reality George Soros wants to change America into his own brand of a socialistic autocracy.

Apparently now his plan is to subvert the US voters in this fall’s election by spending big bucks on the candidates who he feels would best fulfill his liberal socialistic agenda. Why are people like him allowed to remain in the US if all they want to do is remake it to suit them?

The following is a list of a few of the 13 democratic candidates, along with the funds they are receiving from this Soros and his daughter, Andrea Soros Colombel :

  • Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) – $40,000
  • Candidate Rana Abdelhamid (New York’s 12th) – $28,000
  • Candidate Kina Collins (Illinois’s 7th) – $28,000
  • Candidate Odessa Kelly (Tennessee’s 7th) – $41,000
  • Candidate Aramis Ayala (Florida’s 10th) – $1.4 million

This money represents a small amount of the funding Soros has dedicated so far to the 2022 midterms. In reality he is using a super Political Action Committee  (PAC) to catapult the Democratic party with $125 million heading into the November midterms, obviously one of the largest amounts of funds to be allocated for this purpose.

Additionally, some of these candidates are emboldened in their desire to defund police, such as Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), according to Fox News. However, a recent poll revealed that 75 percent of American voters see defunding police as contributory to soaring crime rates. Even President Biden himself made the statement at this year’s State of the Union Address “We should all agree the answer is not to defund the police; it’s to fund the police”. So, who is on who’s side here?

So, if Soros is funding radically leftist Democrats, who want to continue to press this issue if elected, where does that leave America?

With national crime rates rising and arrests with prosecutions dropping, do we really need Soros’s financial meddling to reduce our already imperiled protection of individual life, liberty and personal property? For that matter what about small businesses that are the heartbeat of America? Who will defend the freedoms the US constitution provides us?

When you see these candidates listed in polls, remember they are bought by George Soros and his billions. They are not elected to help America prosper and do well. They are put forward by a radical old man, with lots of money, who in general lacks nothing, cannot relate to the average American struggle to survive and cares little for the US citizenry. America needs to beware of this well-financed form of control.

Don’t fall prey to George Soros, his money, nor his schemes by using the Democrat party to convert the United States of America into a socialist nation.

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