Big Tech’s Censorship Plan to Stop a Red Wave in 2022

 July 28, 2022

While the Democrats have really left the door wide open to a Republican “red wave” this fall, they still have one big advantage: the ever-tightening grip of Big Tech censorship. This will be used to prevent undecided voters from encountering even the most mainstream conservative news, in the runup to the next election. Republicans think a “red wave” is inevitable in November. They need to clearly have a strong message that does not depend on Big Tech. They need to focus now more than ever in getting their word out.

Google completely suppressed Breitbart News from its search results, in the runup to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Breibart News went into the 2020 election with a 99.7 percent reduction in visibility for its links a on Google search, compared to 2016. The censorship was so severe, no-name blogs with plagiarized headlines and content appeared in search results, before the original Breitbart News articles. In fact, Google cut visibility on Breitbart News links to zero, on searches for the term “Joe Biden”.

Big Tech teamed up to suppress one of the biggest stories of the cycle: the Hunter Biden laptop story, just weeks before the election.  Seventeen percent of Biden voters would have reconsidered their decision, had they been aware of the laptop story alone, not counting the hundreds of Breitbart News stories voters didn’t have access to due to Google censorship, a post-election poll revealed.

Tech censorship was a pivotal factor in the outcome Biden’s margin of victory, especially in three swing states where Biden won by less than a percentage point. Silicon Valley is preparing to repeat this plan in 2022,and is scaling it up to a massive level. There is no law preventing them from doing so, however they are laying the groundwork in preparation.

The following is already happening -

  • Discredit Conservative Media

NewsGuard, the medias left leaning news media rating watchdog, that is supposedly independent, recently downgraded Fox News in its rankings of trustworthy and untrustworthy news sources. Interestingly they received funding from the Pentagon. They have also allied themselves with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), led by union boss Randi Weingarten, to roll out, their in-home censorship software, to millions of schoolteachers across the country,  If you are a leftist media outlet you might get by them, otherwise red flags go up.

Users of NewsGuard will now see a red warning label next to Fox News links all around the internet. Considered untrustworthy by the organization, it signals a warning to users. In the early years of the media-concocted “misinformation” panic, this media WatchGuard, was set up in 2018, by former establishment media figures, Steven Brill and L. Gordon Crovitz.

Both Breitbart and Fox News have now received the negative “red” rating from NewsGuard. So essentially going into the 2022 midterm elections, NewsGuard is warning its users, not to read the two-leading conservative-leaning sources of online news.

On the other hand, the sources that pushed the Russiagate hoax and said the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinfo” (a claim repeated by NewsGuard’s co-founder) receive no such warning label.

  • Silicon Valley Turns The News Off Period

Facebook (FB) has also found a way to censor all conservative media at the same time. If conservative media is winning the news war on its platform, it will simply suppress all news at the same time. For years, the left has been loudly complaining about the success of conservative media on Facebook. Even though FB changed algorithms to suppress traffic to conservative websites, conservative media has continued to crush the competition.

This month, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Facebook platform is shifting resources away from its News Tab and news distribution, and towards a “creator economy”, meaning that news will be featured less frequently to users, whether they ask for it or not. A way of preventing unwanted narratives from reaching the public, this will be effective at a time when news coverage of the failures of Democrat rule in D.C. will be building. This is a repeat of their stance after the 2016 election when it reduced the visibility of political posts, resulted in engagement on Donald Trump’s page dropping by almost half.

  • Taxpayer-Funded NPR Creates Misinformation

As the “misinformation” panic continues, taxpayer-funded NPR, is running a whole series about the media-concocted crisis, with a near-exclusive focus on stories that spread in conservative circles. It suddenly has become the new responsibility of the federal government to discover disinformation, misinformation and  purportedly “fake news” everywhere. Their need to flush this out is pushed by think tanks, by government-funded agencies, and debated by congressional committees, all as a means of manufacturing a crisis. Every institution they control saturates the information environment to create a sense of panic. Their victims include: journalists like Alex Berenson, Senators like Rand Paul, and former President Trump. Whether it concerns “Russiagate,” biological gender differences, or police and crime statistics, leftist misinformation, is never called out.

  • Regulations Lock Citizens Out

To delegitimize conservative viewpoints and give Big Tech a pretext to censor them, is the goal of the misinformation panic. This trend will only worsen, so long as the Supreme Court continues to block efforts to address corporate censorship. At present tiny local radio and TV stations are subject to more stringent political neutrality requirements than Google, Facebook, or Twitter combined.

Today’s Supreme Court seems fine with the most powerful platforms that have ever existed, to unduly influence elections. However previous regulators, perhaps overzealously, sought to prevent even the smallest communication platforms from doing so. Aimed at giving users some measure of due process against the tech giants, carefully considered news tech laws, have yet to make it past the Supreme Court.

  • Institutionalize Censorship

Big Tech is funding a parallel justice system. Facebook recently put in place $150 million in new funding for its “Oversight Board,” the private body where users can go to beg for their censored accounts back. Filled to the brim with leftists and globalists, this “Facebook supreme court” is a farce. A major example of this, is the fact that it failed to overturn, its political censorship of Donald Trump. Keep in mind this all occurs while actual courts of the U.S. have their hands tied.

If Silicon Valley gets its way, going into the 2022 midterm elections, voters online will see only what the elites want them to see. Some evidence of this skewed coverage is that: January 6, was labeled the worst attack on democracy ever, by pointing out masks don’t work Republicans killed people and now women in red states are going to die from illegally botched abortions.

Ensuring that the misinformation of the establishment gets a megaphone, while any conservative counterpoints are silenced, in short, Silicon Valley will be in full force this election. Americans need to know this is happening. It worked in the 2020 election cycle – Voter beware.

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”.

-Winston Churchill
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