Biden’s Press Secretary Jean-Pierre Undone First Day

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, held her first briefing on Monday and disintegrated into a blubbering pile of syllables. This was all over two fairly straightforward questions, that she apparently did not anticipate.

Boldly she announced to the press corps-

“I am a black, gay, immigrant woman. The first of all three of those to hold this position,”

- White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre

Way to go Jean-Pierre. Before she gets one question answered, tabled or deflected she is power posturing to what she hoped was an advantage. She was so wrong. Karine’s performance over the two questions she fielded was abysmal. Sadly, she verbally demonstrated a rather glaring case of communication amnesia.

The video clip is brutally painful to watch. It’s as if she has no command of necessary brain power and / or the English language. It seems she and Joe graduated from the same,  “ah, that, ah, you know”, school of miscommunication. If it weren’t so difficult to watch, it might have been humorous. How does Biden find these people and who is vetting them? This is yet another example of his administration’s lack of qualifications to maintain an office.

Last week Biden made an over the top false statement, that that claimed that raising corporate taxes reduces inflation. This was the subject that Fox’s Peter Doocy addressed asking her-

“How does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, the cost of food, for everyday Americans?”

-Fox News, Peter Doocy

Below is an example of her reply. She loosely chatted about and around things, totally off topic, in a rambling fashion. At least Psaki had a better command of English.

“Look, you know, we have talked about, uhm, we have talked this about this past year. Ah, about, uhm, making sure that the wealthiest among us are paying their fair share. Uhm, and that is important to do and, ah, that is something that, ah, you know, the president has been, you know, working on every day — when we talk about inflation and lowering costs. And so, it’s very important, ah, that, ah, you know, as we’re seeing costs rise…”

- White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre

Doocy kept pressing the issue for an explanation to which she prattled on-

“Well, look, I think we encourage those who have done very well, especially those who care about climate change to support a fairer tax code that doesn’t change — that doesn’t charge manufacturers, workers, cops, builders a higher percentage of their earnings, that the most fortunate people in our nation, and not let that stand in the way of reducing energy costs and fighting this existential problem. If you think about that as an example. And to support basic collective bargaining rights, as well, right? That’s also important. But look, it is — by not — without having a fairer tax code…”

- White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre

Reading the transcript of this event is less grueling than listening to it, however it still makes no sense, is not on topic, rambles on and on, and does not answer the question asked. It is SCARY to think, that this is the person that the White House now depends on, to keep the rest of the country informed.

The frank truth is raising taxes does not decrease inflation. Raising taxes increases inflation. If corporate taxes are raised, they pass the cost of those taxes on to American consumers, in the form of higher prices (i.e., inflation) because their cost to do business goes up. Biden’s statement was so blatantly false, Jean-Pierre would never have been able to justify it – however she could have deflected it for another time, “revisited” it or claimed Biden was misquoted as Psaki would likely done.

Her second verbal bomb was related to why Biden is focused on

…“visiting Buffalo after a senseless tragedy there, but he couldn’t visit Waukesha after six were killed and 61 injured in an attack on a Christmas parade there?”

-Fox News, Peter Doocy

To which she replied with another paragraph of verbal diarrhea, essentially not covering the fact that liberal Democrats, together with the woke liberal media, couldn’t blame Republicans for Waukesha, where there were actually more killed and wounded.

Literally, there was no political profit to be had in making it a point of focus. Because the perpetrator was a black suspect, who apparently targeted white people, there was no reason to actually cover the story or travel there to place emphasis on the tragedy. The story was effectively dropped or buried. The massacre in Buffalo provides the liberal left with a “white supremacy” thread to spin (despite the mental health issue), in an effort to stoke their political agenda of “critical race theory” and needed “gun controls”.

In short, Jean-Pierre lacks serious credibility already. Time will tell how long she lasts. Either way, the press corps will have to either ignore her by essentially giving her a pass and not asking any question for which actual thinking is required, or stay tuned to her interchanges with Fox’s Peter Doocy, who obviously expects her to think.

Again, where does Biden drudge these people up from?

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