Biden's Inner Circle Has Shrank To Just Two Advisors Amid White House Chaos

 July 4, 2024

President Biden whittles down his inner circle to Anthony Bernal and Mike Donilon, intensifying tensions within administration ranks.

The New York Post reported that President Biden's recent debate performance raised eyebrows not just for its inefficacy but more so for its aftermath—a significant reconfiguration within his close advisory. A week after what was undeniably a challenging moment for the administration, key advisers Anthony Bernal and Mike Donilon have emerged as Biden's principal confidantes.

This pivotal shift represents not only a shrinking circle but also heightened internal controversies.

In the heat of last week's fallout, 51-year-old Anthony Bernal has become a particularly polarizing figure. Accused of severe misconduct including bullying and sexual harassment, Bernal's ascent has been met with raised eyebrows and whispers throughout the White House corridors.

Sources have indicated that accusations against him, lodged earlier in March, were swiftly dismissed as "unfounded" by White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, creating a whirlpool of distrust and discomfort among staff.

The Man Behind the Curtain: Bernal’s Ascendancy and Impact

Bernal, often described as having an influence akin to the historical mystic Grigori Rasputin's hold over Russia's last czar, seems to hold a profound sway over President Biden.

Insight from within the White House suggests a deep-seated belief that Bernal could potentially steer the presidency's direction single-handedly.

His close ties with the Biden family, notably recognized as First Lady Jill Biden's "work husband" and his familiarity with Hunter Biden, convicted recently on felony charges, only serve to complicate his perceived role.

Parallel to Bernal, Mike Donilon, known for his longstanding alliance with Biden and as the architect behind some of the President's most pivotal speeches, remains an influential if less contentious figure. His deep understanding of Biden's voice and political ethos keeps him at the core of strategic operations, despite the overarching drama encircling his colleague.

This tightening grip of Bernal and Donilon on the administrative reins comes at a time when many of Joe Biden’s initially trusted aides find themselves sidelined from significant discussions.

The Democratic base expresses a mix of concern and frustration as strategies for reelection begin to take shape against a backdrop of internal dissent.

Concurrently, Hunter Biden's presence in official meetings following his conviction on June 11, 2024, further blurs the traditional boundaries of political protocol and governance, raising ethical and procedural questions. Allegations and discontent within the ranks depict a White House at a crossroads, struggling to harmonize loyalty, integrity, and public accountability.

Reelection Campaign: Strategies and Skepticism

Between intimate discussions and public appearances, the campaign for Biden’s reelection is unfolding. Influential supporters, including both Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, vigorously advocate for continuity. They push against a tide of Democratic worry concerning potential electoral defeat next term.

Amidst these internal dynamics, critical voices from within the Democratic Party question the current leadership structure.

A veteran Democratic aide starkly criticized the environment, suggesting that even a return to Trump could be preferable if Bernal were to maintain his current level of involvement in governmental operations.

This stark perspective, alongside reassurances from presidential spokesperson Saloni Sharma, showcases the stark contrasts in perceptions regarding the administration's direction.

In conclusion, as President Biden's debate debacle turns into a pivotal moment of restructuring within his administration, the roles and reputations of Anthony Bernal and Mike Donilon stand out. Their influence continues to shape not just day-to-day decisions but also the broader strategic outlook of Biden's presidency. The narrative that unfolds in the coming months will be crucial for the administration's future, scrutinized under the lens of loyalty, efficacy, and ethical governance.

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