Biden's Ghostwriter Admits To Deleting Evidence After Federal Investigation Announced

 June 13, 2024

Mark Zwonitzer, President Joe Biden’s appointed ghostwriter, has found himself at the center of controversy after confessing to the FBI that he destroyed several audio recordings of interviews with Biden.

The National Pulse reported that these deletions occurred in the early part of last year. At the time, a special counsel investigation led by Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur was actively probing into whether Biden had mishandled classified documents post-vice presidency.

Allegations arose that some of this classified information may have been shared with Zwonitzer, thus posing a potential risk to national security.

Exploring The Relationship Between Biden and His Ghostwriter

Zwonitzer’s deep ties with President Biden have brought additional scrutiny to his actions. According to FBI agents, his closeness to Biden likely influenced his decision to delete these crucial recordings. During an interview, the FBI pointed out the implications of his actions, especially in light of the ongoing investigation.

An FBI agent pointedly addressed Zwonitzer, noting the appearances of his actions to an outside observer, hinting at potential bias or protective motives linked to his relationship with Biden.

When pressed by the FBI about whether the special counsel’s investigation influenced his decision to delete the recordings, Zwonitzer admitted that it was a part of his motivation, though he refused to quantify its impact. This admission has drawn further attention to the nature of the deleted recordings and the extent of classified information that might have been compromised.

Despite the gravity of Zwonitzer’s actions and their potential implications, Special Counsel Robert Hur ultimately determined not to charge him with obstruction of justice.

This decision has been met with diverse opinions, leading to debates about the legal thresholds for obstruction and the discretion exercised by special counsels in such high-profile cases.

The story began to unfold when Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur started investigating Biden's handling of classified documents after his vice presidency. This led to revelations that Biden might have retained classified documents illegally, further complicating matters when it became known that Zwonitzer might have had access to some of this information through his collaborative work with Biden.

The possibility that classified documents were not only mishandled but also shared improperly has raised alarming concerns over national security.

This aspect of the investigation highlights the serious repercussions of mishandling sensitive information, particularly by individuals in high office or their associates. It underscores the complexities and potential dangers inherent in the unauthorized sharing of classified material.

Zwonitzer’s decision to delete the audio recordings was revealed during an intense series of inquiries by the FBI, where the agents worked to uncover the motivations and implications behind his actions. As questions mount over the details of what was discussed in those deleted recordings, the issue remains a point of contention and interest among investigators and the public alike.

The Continuing Investigation and Public Trust

This situation places a spotlight on the integrity of public officials and their associates, raising broader questions about transparency and accountability in government.

As the investigation continues to unfold, the public's trust hangs in the balance, hinged on the outcomes of such high-stakes inquiries into the handling of confidential and classified information.

In conclusion, Mark Zwonitzer's admission to deleting audio recordings amid a federal investigation not only complicates the legal landscape surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden but also brings to light the delicate nature of handling classified information.

The decisions made by Special Counsel Robert Hur, the implications of Zwonitzer’s actions, and the ongoing discussions about national security and legal accountability continue to resonate throughout the political sphere, reminding us of the perpetual need for vigilance and integrity among public servants and their closest collaborators.

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