Biden Wants ‘Transition’ to ‘Zero Emissions’ Cars To Avoid High Gas Prices

On Friday, President Joe Biden hosted a virtual climate change forum at the White House, calling for a “transition” to electric vehicles to help reduce America’s dependence on oil.

America, here comes the blame and deflection from his moronic policies….Biden claimed-

“Russia’s war is driving up prices of gas, everybody knows that, hurting people in all of our countries,”

-President Joe Biden

Host to some of the largest economies in the world: Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, and the European Union, Biden and his climate change czar ,John Kerry, made many statements he is very unlikely to be able to support.

One such “goal” as he put it was be able to have half of all passenger cars sold in America be “zero emissions” by the year 2030. Likely, he won’t be around by then, but still who is going to pay for all the electric cars needed, at what price to the consumer and how much fossil fuel will it require even then to make the electricity to charge them all? And what of the nations’ electric grid structure ? This is a very bad hamster wheel, that Biden and his administrative cronies are purporting that we all as Americans get on. No thank you Joe.

Instead of his administrative policies, he called high gas prices around the world an “immediate problem” he was focusing on, adding that he would press Americans to buy electric vehicles. Now he presumes to tell American’s how and on what they may spend their hard-earned dollars. His sheer audacity only is outstripped by his ignorance.

He continued claiming-

“Over the long run we can remove the pain of volatile gas prices, and reduce transportation emissions by putting more zero-emission cars on the road,” …and “The good news is that climate security and energy security go hand in hand,” adding “The critical point is that these actions are part of our transition to a clean and secure and long-term energy future,”

-President Joe Biden

With his ongoing economic policies, America will be in a hole and unable to afford anything for a very long time if he is not stopped. Moreover, the world stage he continues to address, sees America as a laughing stock knowing that Biden cannot press Americans into anything.

World leaders and Americans knows that Biden is a talking head, with a lot of words that sound important, but mean little to the average citizen, who has so much more to deal with since Biden entered office. His is a dream world most cannot understand or attend to amidst our daily lives. This is evidenced by his plummeting polling numbers. Most of America is just tuning him out and waiting for November.

Biden and Kerry and their green energy - climate crisis claims are doing nothing for the planet. The politically progressive left appreciated their comments and postulating, however American taxpayers are not amused.

There is so much being neglected from our borders to our cities, from our children to our mentally ill, pick a subject and Biden’s neglect or poor policies abound. Biden and his administration are policy – not people – focused, unless you are a group that he can pander to for votes. Mainstream America gets lost in his dust as he moves on to the next matter, that he or his handlers, think is important.

"Nothing so undermines organizational change as the failure to think through the losses people face."

-William Bridges
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