Biden Suggests Americans Buy A Shotgun And Those Owning AR-15s Are ‘Sick’ People Who Want to ‘Kill Someone’

President Joe Biden suggested that Americans were purchasing guns like AR-15s for the sake of killing people at Thursday’s speech reacting to the school shooting in Texas. He posed the following question during his speech-

“What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone?”

- President Joe Biden

Repeating his point to gun owners of “assault” weapons like an AR-15, in that they did not need them for hunting unless the deer were wearing “Kevlar” body armor, adding - “It’s just sick.”

The White House repeated Biden’s talking point on social media, suggesting it was not just a passing comment. Biden has raged against owners of AR-15s for purchasing that kind of rifle.

In February 2020 in Las Vegas, Biden said at a campaign event,

“No one needs an AR-15. Something designed for no other purpose. None. Other than to kill human beings,“ adding “There’s no other rationale for its existence,” Biden continued “And to kill them as quickly and as brutally as possible.”

- President Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s position since becoming president, has been to propose banning any gun carrying more than ten rounds. This is evidenced by the fact that in April of 2021, Biden grew angry at weapons holding more than 20 rounds, complaining-

“Who in God’s name, needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds, or 40 rounds, or 20 rounds?” he asked. “It’s just wrong.”

- President Joe Biden

Apparently, gun owners aren’t listening to his complaints and switching to other means for sport or self-defense. According to a report by Breitbart News on November 17, 2020 – The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) numbers confirm that Americans own an estimated 434 million firearms. Of those firearms, nearly 20 million are Modern Sporting Rifles. These firearms are those that the Democrats categorize as “assault weapons.”

While I think Joe Biden has a right to his opinion, I do not think telling Americans what kind of firearms to buy is appropriate, especially in light of his poor management of our southern border, busing and flying illegal immigrants across the nation without really vetting them for their possible involvement with the Mexican drug cartels and the like. Now more than ever with the evil flooding our borders who have easy access to the same type of weaponry, it would be essential to be able to protect one’s family and property without the difficulty of reloading.

Biden’s past suggestions, over time include his former pleas to Americans to-

 “buy a shotgun” (instead) and “If you want to protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun,”(advising his wife Jill about firing) “two blasts outside the house” (to scare criminals away)…adding “You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim. It’s harder to use and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself,” repeating “Buy a shotgun.” Later he proposed “Guess what? A shotgun will keep you a lot safer — a double-barreled shotgun — than an assault weapon in somebody’s hands that doesn’t know how to use it, even one who does know how to use it”. And finally, in August of 2021 he said “The idea anybody needs, for a pistol and/or a rifle — anyone needs 10, 12, 20, 30, 100 rounds in a rifle it just makes no sense at all. Zero,”.

- President Joe Biden

Why Joe Biden thinks a shot gun is ok, is a mystery. People can still use it to hurt or kill anyone. It seems that the number of the rounds is his big peeve. Again, no one is listening – especially those who really care to be prepared for anything. I think his most recent suggestion to update the age requirement to 21 years for buying a rifle, seems more realistic. Age is sometimes a predictor of maturity but there is no guarantee.

It is important that America does not shrink back from staying on top of what Biden’s administration proposes regarding gun control. Either Americans need to directly protect themselves and their families from all the illegals he has allowed to infiltrate our communities or they need to consider doing more actual hunting to put food on the table during the 40-year high inflation cycle.  Remember-

“[The disarming of citizens] has a double effect, it palsies the hand and brutalizes the mind: a habitual disuse of physical forces totally destroys the moral [force]; and men lose at once the power of protecting themselves, and of discerning the cause of their oppression.”

-Joel Barlow
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