Biden Spending Plan Seeks $24 BILLION For Ukraine And A Mere $800 Million To Fight Fentanyl

 August 13, 2023

Using a spending strategy that requests an extra $300 for Ukraine aid for every $1 it seeks for counter-drug programs, the Biden administration has again shown Americans, who pay the bill – that they come last. Now the White House is asking Congress to spend another $24 BILLION fighting Russia in Ukraine, but just $800 million to fight fentanyl and other lethal drugs making their way into U.S. communities.

This is despite the fact that, just last year, roughly 110,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, principally, from the fentanyl smuggled in from China and Mexico via free-trade routes. Biden has done little to stem the tide of drugs that accompany these illegal migrants from Mexico. Since his administration has supported a free and open border – though he claims it is “closed” – he has basically given lip service only, to the thousands of pounds of drugs that have made their way onto the streets of this nation.

This neglect, has produced more American deaths, especially those among the young Americans who are being replaced, by Biden’s flood of desperate and cheap illegal migrants. On the White House wish-list, is the request of Congress, for roughly $3.3 billion to speed the inflow of illegal migrants. That the American tax-payers are ask to pay for those illegally here, to assist this administration in the maintenance of their unlawful passage, is ridiculous at best.

Further the request demonstrates that Biden’s deputies want to spend $4.00 importing additional illegal migrants, for every $1.00 spent on the prevention of illicit drug passage into the nation. Biden’s strategy of America-last is very clear. He dictates where the money goes and Congress subjects the American taxpayers to the bill, all while inflation rips-off the American people, robbing this nation at all economic levels.

Further, now turned into a high-casualty, no-negotiations stalemate, the president and Congress, who have already spent more than $100 billion to defend Ukraine in its own war with Russia – continue to contend for the monies needed right here at home. America cannot support the world at large, though Biden wants to try – regardless of the impact on Americans.

This spending outside of our borders must stop – so “we the people” can survive. Biden’s policies are fast turning America into a third world nation, all in a matter of a few short years.

With a recent poll showing that, 55 percent of U.S. voters say Congress should not send more aid to Ukraine, the requests just keep reaching into the wallets of hard-working American taxpayers. It has got to stop. Biden smiles on camera with his arm around Zelenskyy, while Americans in record numbers go without food, housing and basic necessities. Biden and Congress need to step back and consider Americans first – not last.

“Freedom, like charity, begins at home.”

-Anne Roe
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