Biden Snaps When Asked About Growing Recession Concerns

In typical dementia style, President Joe Biden “snapped” at a reporter Monday who asked about the growing number of economists voicing concerns that a recession was more likely than ever. When ask about this he angrily replied-

“Not the majority of them aren’t saying that, c’mon, don’t make things up, ok?” He snapped. “Now you sound like a Republican politician.” Then likely seeing her face…continued “I’m joking, that was a joke”

-President Joe Biden

His angry, defensive and out of touch comments came as he was talking to reporters, on the beach on Monday morning, as he spent time with his family for the Juneteenth holiday.

Stressing that a recession was not in any way inevitable and sticking to the script of his administration’s talking points on the issue, Biden continued-

“All kidding aside, I don’t think it is, I was talking to Larry Summers this morning,” he said. “There’s nothing inevitable about a recession.”

-President Joe Biden

Biden’s clearly irrational claims fly in the face of economists predicting an economic recession by the end of 2022, as the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to combat record-high inflation. It is unsure who is counseling Biden on his economics, but he certainly is sticking to his own White House disinformation talking points.

In another cognitively troubling way, when he can no longer form a thought on the subject that works for him, he pivots to another topic he knows something of, such as the importance of reducing the cost of insulin, to talk about. Huh?

This mental flight of ideas is clearly indicative of how much Joe leans on his handlers talking points, as he revisits them mentally adding a dash of irrational anger, dismissive humor or just out of touch statements – such as jumping from a legitimate question on the economy to his plans for the cost of insulin.

Out of the blue he added-

“Here’s what I think, we’re going to be able to get a change in Medicare in a reduction in the cost of insulin,”

-President Joe Biden

Then continuing to ramble, Biden stressed he wanted to raise taxes on the wealthy, claiming in his disorganized deflection that-

“Trump’s tax cut” was “inflationary.” And “Going out and buying the yacht doesn’t help the economy that much,”

-President Joe Biden

Further, as if to appease anyone who might be listening, Biden brought up the issue of a gas tax holiday, that he has been considering and even gas rebate cards to help drivers suffering from the high cost of fuel. This statement was made despite concerns that the ongoing chip shortage would prevent the government from doing so. Where is reality?

“Well that’s part of what we’re considering, part of the whole operation,” …adding, “It’s all on the table right now.”

-President Joe Biden

This rambling mental discussion was all at the beach. It seems that, as long as he is allowed to speak unchallenged by any sincere questions, Biden can come up with any number of talking points – however they are distinctly disconnected and not cohesive with the need of the moment or on topic. He sets his own mental agenda and then runs away verbally with one-liners that may or may not demonstrate any degree of connectedness.

Further, it seems that challenges that requiring mental thought or that are on a subject, that might need him to make a rational explanation of what is going on, raise his ire. If he cannot defend it, he yells and “snaps” at those pressuring him for information. This cognitive display of irrational mood swings, based on simple questioning, is why figuratively Biden continues to “snap” at others and why he has “snapped” mentally.

His talking points continue to be directed at others, whom he can easily blame for what he himself cannot correct with his talking points.

At this same purview, he went on to criticize oil companies for cutting back refining capacity, because of what he described as an inevitable shift to vehicles powered by alternative energy. Again, he has to have someone to blame and someone to “snap” at-

“They don’t want to get stuck but guess what, there’s a logical transition to be made here, and I want an explanation from them about why they are not refining more oil,” and then

“We have a chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and not just vehicles, across the board,”

“They don’t want to get stuck but guess what, there’s a logical transition to be made here, and I want an explanation from them about why they are not refining more oil,” and then

“We have a chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and not just vehicles, across the board,”

-President Joe Biden

Biden even referred to his mother, who apparently used to say that good things happen out of difficulty. This is obviously referring to his party’s specific lessons for America that includes high inflation, impending recession, economic collapse, and all things educational on the subject of gender identity matters, global warming, saving the planet with clean energy cars and so on.

This administration is literally making policies, that create an environment of such peril, that it will force America through the green new deal, progressive hole, no matter the consequences to every citizen. They want this nation dependent on government rule – their socialist goal.

The left-wing progressive (anti-American) democratic party of “America last…the World first” are using this sadly mentally fragile man to be their henchman, which is why they desperately want another four years to see this plan out. A lifetime of work will soon be down the drain for most Americans with no hope of recovery if these United States of America does nothing.

This nation is at a very dangerous crossroads, facing very real peril from within ourselves. Every citizen is needed to rally to the defense of our American heritage. This plague on our democratic republic needs to be removed from our land before the America we know and love “snaps” too.

“When even one American – who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth – then all Americans are in peril.”

-Harry S Truman


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