Biden Snaps At Reporter Who Questions Family's Business Relationships Related to China

 February 19, 2023

On Thursday, President Biden didn't take kindly to some questions, after his remarks about taking down flying objects. He reportedly snapped, at a question about his family's business relationships in China, especially, when he was asked about being possibly compromised. Biden was seen turning his head toward the reporter, frowning and said flatly-

“'Give me a break, man!”

-President Joe Biden

In what sounded like bedlam, several reporters shouted questions at the president, after he gave remarks on the shooting down of the Chinese spy balloon, and other flying objects in recent days. One reporter could be heard loudly asking, if his dealings with China are compromised by his family's business relationships.

In the video, reporters seemed to be shouting their questions over one another, in the hopes of being heard and enticing the president to respond. Some questions were clear and others were not, because they were all seemingly vying for his attention at one time. The moment would have needed some clarification, if Biden had intended to address the questions being asked. That did not happen.

He appeared overwhelmed and irritated by the outburst, but seemed, with his silent posture, to be trying to formulate some reply, other than his characteristically familiar response, as above. Biden even added a laugh to the moment, to appear able to deflect the enormity of the questions, that he did not seem to be able to answer.

However, when Peter Alexander, from NBC asked him to respond to criticism, that he'd overreacted to the balloon incidents, Biden’s ire appeared to rise and he seemingly only could think to reply, by advising Alexander and the others, who were more "polite", to see him later. Biden said before walking off-

"You can come to my office and ask a question where we have more polite people,"

-President Joe Biden

Like in the “Wizard of Oz”, Biden appears to prefer the safety of being “that man behind the curtain” or being in the safety of “those more-polite people” in his office. That he will not, or more accurately cannot speak in public, without the safety of others continues to be apparent. Sadly, the whole world sees it, while his handlers do their best to deny it, and in truth America appears just as weak as Joe Biden.

That the seemingly most powerful man in this nation, cannot simply answer a question put to him, without benefit of help says it all. Biden, is a well-paid, often photographed figurehead, whose diminished capacity to really be functional is more apparent with each passing day. When will this charade end?

Some reporters could be heard on a hot mic grumbling at each other, afterwards. One could be heard saying -

"That does not help our authority to get information out of the president,"

-Anonymous Grumbling Press Member

This interchange with reporters followed Biden’s press briefing, where he discussed the three objectstaken down after the Chinese spy balloon, that he revealed were likely to be from private entities and are not believed to be related to China. In actuality, fighter jets, on Biden’s orders, took down the Chinese spy balloon, which flew unaffected across the U.S., from Alaska to South Carolina, in addition to three additional objects of unknown origin in recent days. Describing his recent rationale Biden said-

"I gave the order to take down these objects, and couldn't rule out the risk of surveillance,"

-President Joe Biden

On Tuesday, according to a report by Fox News Digital, Hunter Biden boasted about having a "very good relationship" with President Obama's ambassador to China, Max Baucus, before his business associates arranged several meetings with him.  Baucus was sworn into his position in 2014, at which time, Hunter Biden and his business associates at BHR Partners started to arrange meetings with Baucus.

The rest, is a convoluted history of Hunter’s adventures with businesses associated with the Chinese Communist Party, the Biden families millions of dollars received as a result, as well as Chinese related, business donations to various Biden founded think tanks, and charities. If America is ever to understand just how compromised Joe Biden is, in relation to his families ties to China, all of this, needs to be unwound. Congress, certainly has their work cut out for them.

Investigations are finally underway, into Hunter Biden's business dealings in China and any potential links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform formerly told the outlet that they planned to investigate Hunter’s business deals with Harves Group, a CCP-tied company based in Washington, D.C., and his relationship with the company’s president, Francis "Fran" Person.

Getting to the truth seems a long way off, but at least Republican members of Congress are striving to get there, despite Democratic opposition, and regardless of Joe Biden’s seeming incompetence. Stay tuned America.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.”

-Rush Limbaugh
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