Biden Signs 4,000+ Page, $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill After Staff Fly It To Virgin Islands Vacation Home

 December 30, 2022

On Thursday, while in Christiansted, St. Croix, one of the Virgin Islands, President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan year-end omnibus bill. The 4,000+ page, $1.7 trillion bill was signed while Biden is vacationing there for the holidays. So that the president could sign it, before the December 30th deadline, apparently, White House staff flew the bloated bill to the President’s vacation home.

On Tuesday evening, before the bill was ready to sign, Biden had left Washington, DC, for his vacation. However, on Thursday evening, in an announcement, the White House stated that the president had indeed signed it.

Reportedly those in the media, traveling with the president, were said to have been locked out of the signing ceremony. 

The White House released only a photo of the president, in a suit, signing the bill at a non-descript table, in an undetermined location. However, according to the New York Post, Biden and his family are staying at the home of billionaire couple Bill and Connie Neville, as their guests, free of charge. Apparently, the billionaire couple were recently on the guest list, for Biden’s first state dinner at the White House, with French President Emmanuel Macron.

It would seem that everyone is celebrating at this point, except the American tax-payers who just got “hosed” again. The cost of this massive spending bill will affect every citizen for decades to come. In reality, this bill is just more spend - then tax this nation, out of a future. That conservatives tried to stop or stall this bill is noteworthy, that Americans are stuck paying this bill is absolutely horrific.

It continues to be unfathomable that with Americans, desperate for help here at home, while struggling financially to accommodate Biden’s’ 40+ year high inflation, that those “elected officials” in congress have “rubber stamped” a 4,155-page bill, that likely none of them read from cover to cover. Further, that U.S. taxpayers have also had to now pay for the expense, of flying this bloated spending bill to Biden, on vacation, is ridiculous – all so he could sign this economic travesty, in the convenience of his vacation.

In celebratory fashion, and while promoting his year of “historic progress” as president, Biden said on his social media account-

“Looking forward to more in 2023”

-President Joe Biden

It’s nice to know that - along with Biden’s other record-breaking points of  “progress” as president, such as massive 40+ year high inflation, an open southern U.S. border that is literally being invaded (with untold drugs entering the country to kill Americans),massive supply chain problems that disallow needed items and drive costs even higher, record energy issues that have led to crushing gas prices at the pumps for Americans, costs to pay staggeringly high energy bills - essentially forcing Americans to skip needed healthcare and nutrition for their families, the cost of simple housing at an all-time high and SO MUCH MORE - that Biden cares so much for Americans that he had a jet flown to him, while on vacation, to get this last gift to U.S. taxpayers signed as his last official act of 2022. Wow.

While the nation is unburying, in the ice and snow, Biden is vacationing in St. Croix. While Americans are stuck in airports across the nation over this holiday season, because of airline delays and shut downs – Biden simply flies a document to himself without seeming effort.

The thoughtless, arrogance of this man and his administration goes beyond anything this writer could have ever have imagined. Hopefully Biden’s – “more in 2023” will be less painful for the average American than 2022 has been. Stay tuned.

“Governments are out of control, irresponsible, never have enough money, never tighten their own belts, and when they are forced to, they always threaten to shut down police departments and teachers and all these things.”

-Rush Limbaugh
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