Biden Quietly Admits The Border Has Been In Chaos "For A Number Of Years”

 May 11, 2023

Hours ahead of the Title 42 expiration and a massive influx of illegal migrants, Biden quietly admits the border has been in chaos "for a number of years”. This is despite the fact that he has publicly blamed Republicans for refusing to act to secure the US-Mexico border. On Wednesday evening, Biden finally admitted what he and the White House have refused to say publicly about the worsening situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. He made the comments on the tarmac at the Westchester County Airport.

Just prior on Tuesday, Biden stated that the border situation will be "chaotic for a while" as his administration works to restore order. In his statement, Biden said-

"Well, we've had chaos at the border for a number of years," adding… "We have to fully fund the border security effort." …”Look, the purpose of what we're doing now is making legal immigration more streamlined, illegal immigration shorter term and moved -- and moving in a direction that people know that there's a legal way to get here and not legal way. That is what’s underway now."

-President Joe Biden

Biden says one thing and does another. In the years since Biden became president, the administration has refused to use funding already specifically allocated to reinforce the border. They’ve forced Arizona to remove shipping containers that helped solidify the U.S. Border Patrol Yuma Sector, and ceased former President Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy. They have since, been forced due to extreme circumstances  to reinstate the policy. Biden’s track record is abysmal and the borders remain open!

Now they have failed to extend Title 42, which is expected to cause a massive onslaught of additional migrants to seek entry into the U.S.. Estimates run upwards of 700,000 illegal migrants that are waiting at the border for Title 42 to end. Biden has even sent 1,500 active duty military troops to the border to assist with paperwork and processing.

Biden remarked-

"The troops are there to free up the Border Patrol people to be able to do their job," [then he went on to blame Congress]…"Look, I asked the Congress for a lot more money for the Border Patrol. They didn't do it.  They’ve made it harder," adding…"What we want to do at the border is have it work and function in the way it's designed to work. And that requires us having more immigration officers, more asylum judges, a whole range of things [like] more personnel. And I'm trying to do as much of that as I can."

--President Joe Biden

Reportedly, House Republicans claim the situation at the border rests solely on Biden, saying that they have put forward the Secure The Border Act, which would add more border patrol agents, renew efforts to build a border wall, and provide border agents with more financial incentives for them to do their job. It would also put and end to the "catch and release" policies, currently slated to be re-visited again now that Title 42 is ending.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., said, during a Republican leadership press briefing this week, that Republicans have not stood on the sidelines in the current crisis as Biden has claimed. He said-

"Most of the problems we're seeing at the border were created by Joe Biden himself, starting on his very first day in office as president when he sent a message throughout the world that America's border is open by doing things like halting construction of the wall, reinstating catch and release, terminating the Remain in Mexico policy, the Northern Triangle agreements," and he continued “ …“so as House Republicans, we said we're not going to sit on the sidelines like President Biden is creating this problem. We're going to actually work on solving this problem. And so tomorrow, the day that Title 42 expires, we're going to bring H.R. 2, the Securing the Border Act, a bill that actually focuses on solving the problem, so we can get back to the rule of law and have a secure border in America, reestablish a legal path to come into this country."

-House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La.,

Predictably, Biden has threatened to veto it. This is Biden’s way of “moving in a direction that people know that there's a legal way to get here and not legal way” to immigrate. Like an ostrich with his head in the sand, he goes about his merry way speaking largely made up truths, expecting the American populous to believe him  - all while we are invaded by millions of illegal migrants at our southern border.

Spare us the hype Joe – you and the Democrats have no intention of securing this nations southern border. We need a leader who puts American interests first and doesn’t lie about a “humanitarian” effort to help these migrants, when it’s tied to those in our heartland who want cheap labor, the cartels who want to traffic dugs and exploit youth selling them into sexual slavery and other forms of bondage.

 We need a secure border to control the ongoing loss of this nations’ economic integrity and save those who are subject to your “truth” . The average citizens are paying a high price for your poor decision’s and lies.

“If we are going to be compassionate, we have to have stricter border security and laws.”

-Paula White1
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