Biden Promises Abortion Bill For Getting Out The Vote To Save The House And Senate

By Ken on
 October 20, 2022
By Ken on

On Fox News “Democracy 2022” -  In a video reviewed, Biden promises to protect abortion rights, with a bill codifying abortion, if Democrats will get out and vote to keep the House and the Senate, saying he will “sign the bill into law in January”.

Former Clinton Pollster, Mark Penn and former Trump Senior, Adviser Kellyanne Conway, both Fox News contributors, join host Bill Hemmer, to weigh in on Biden's determination to keep abortion in the spotlight ahead of midterms.

They discuss how America has turned away from the abortion issue as primary, showing in a recent Fox poll that, it is listed in 6th place by Americans who were asked, what they were “extremely or very concerned about”. The issues stacked up like this -

  • Inflation/High prices? 89%
  • Higher crime rate? 79%
  • Political divisions? 74%
  • Ukraine situation? 73%
  • What’s taught in schools? 72%
  • Abortion policy? 71%

Penn commented, regarding where abortion was months ago, and the fact that this particular issue seems to be much less, in voters’ minds. He notes that the bottom line is that the Biden administration and the Democrats are trying to appeal to a younger set of voters, to turn this election around, indicating their focus is on driving gas prices down, promoting electric cars, and free college tuition payments.

Bill Hemmer states it looks like the Democrats are throwing everything at the wall in their desperation to see what sticks. And Kellyanne Conway, adds that Biden picked the wrong hill to die on, in that women voters are not isolated to one issue, and for them to hang their votes on one issue, the Democrats are not understanding how women think. She added, that crime is searched twice as much as abortion on line at present, and as the panel has already discussed - this issue is no longer at the forefront of polling.

A good review of how voters are thinking, and how the Democratic party is scrambling to save the mid-term vote, as well as how little they are paying attention to polling – this segment demonstrates the state of things as they are unfolding in real time.

"Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world."

-Sharon Salzberg
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