Biden Gets Congressman's Name Wrong Just After Saying Some People Think He's 'Stupid'

 January 27, 2023

President Joe Biden has become infamously prone to gaffes since taking office. He recently said that some people think he's 'stupid', just before getting Congressman Don Beyer’s name wrong.  Reportedly, Biden called for 'Doug the congressman' while searching for Beyer.

On Thursday, President Biden joked about his gaffes and intelligence while touting his administration's economic record while in Springfield, Virginia. Biden said while speaking at the Steamfitters Local 602 in Springfield-

"I said that when I was seeking the nomination, I said, 'Take a seat everybody,' and there wasn't a single chair in the place," …"They said that Biden really is stupid and he doesn't know it."

Immediately thereafter, Biden asked, "Where's Doug the congressman?" …"He's around here somewhere". He apparently was referring to Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va. This penchant for verbal staggering has led to criticism from some Republicans who have questioned his mental capacity for the job.

According to a Fox News Digital report in October of last year, Biden averaged nearly a gaffe per workday over a four-week period. This includes - confusion, inaccuracies, mispronunciations, and forgetting that a congresswoman had died. Sadly, the list keeps climbing.

Last year, Biden, as he wished a happy birthday to Vice President Kamala Harris, called her a "great president." Then later, he called her the "highest ranking black Indian, with Indian background, woman, in American history to be Vice President."

Often embarrassing to watch or listen to speak, Biden seems oblivious to his own failures, Further, any speech can produce, not only mumbling, but essentially out right garbled mis-information that has to be constantly fact checked by the media.

Another example of his inaccurate speech occurred the same day as the above gaffe, when, Biden botched U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's name. Further, one day prior, in an interview, Biden falsely described his executive order, on college debt forgiveness, as a bill that "passed by a vote or two."

Sadly, it would seem that the so-called leader of the free world cannot keep it together cognitively to speak, here at home or abroad, without demonstrating his mental capacity to lead or lack thereof. As he turned 80 last November – his struggle to accurately speak, appears to have increased.

Perhaps one of his Democratic White House handlers, will suggest helping him get past the idea of running for re-election. He clearly does not see how bad his incapacities are climbing. Just because he is a standing body, does not mean he has any capacity to sit or remain in the highest office in this nation.

That those closest to him currently do nothing, except strictly control the public’s access him, one day Biden’s handlers will miss the mark, and the whole charade of his competency, will come crashing down around them all, like one of his falls off of his bicycle.

“There are few things more dangerous than a mixture of power, arrogance and incompetence.”

-Bob Herbert
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