Biden Considers Student Debt Cancellation As A Remedy For Inflation He Created

It must be nice to see yourself as the all-powerful Oz who can spend the money of others to be seen as the benevolent savior of students who chose to take on student debt to have an education. Most Americans paid for their education over years of personal sacrifice. Why should todays students be any different? If costs to live are high because the Biden Administration has driven inflation to a 40-year high, why are taxpayers expected to fund his fix?

Reportedly, in a recently released interview White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki affirmed that canceling student loan debt is still a subject that is on the table because of the high cost involved in education. She emphasized that high costs in general are an important part of the consideration. Again, did these students, and or their parents in some cases, consider the costs they committed to up front? Were they looking for a bail out from the start?  

It’s a great character-building lesson; Expect others to meet your needs and a lack of responsibility that others must pay for, is OK. This is not the moral stuff that America was made of.

Apparently the cut off for the decision to be made is August 31st of this year. However, the plan at that point is to either cancel student debt altogether or extend the deadline further. This is nothing more than kicking the can down the road, perhaps till after the mid-terms so Democrats don’t have to answer for one more Biden boondoggle in their election process.

This is nothing more than talking about a possible move by the Biden Administration, who really doesn’t have to make good on anything moving forward, until it seems safe to do so. Joe Biden can seem really focused on this issue, sounding like he really cares, for months – or maybe the next two years. The emotional bump it provides his Administration comes from the support in the polls he garners. Additionally, since he has no skin in the game and is more than financially solvent, he can afford to possibly promise anything, especially when US Taxpayers are his money pond to syphon off of.

In her the interview with “Pod Save America” Psaki further postulated on the subject is that,

“…We have to then decide whether it’s extended and what you look at is, even though the economy’s very strong, we created more jobs last year than any year in history, even though that’s the case, we know, as we’ve been talking about, costs are too high. And certainly, not having to pay back student loans — nobody’s had to pay a dollar, a cent anything in student loans since Joe Biden’s been president, and if that can help.”

Since when can Biden take credit for any strength in the economy or jobs? That is more than a stretch of the truth meriting Joe several Pinocchio awards to be sure. The economy his administration received in 2020 was very strong, despite COVID, and has fought hard to keep pace with his administration’s blunders and poor decisions that have driven inflation through the roof resulting in staggering costs to American taxpayers.

Consider it - since supporting open borders, bussing and flying illegals around the country while giving them cell phones, mandating everything from ineffective masking, social distancing and vaccines, to making America oil dependent on our enemies and so much more – inflation is Biden’s baby. His administrative choices and edicts have driven costs sky high.  

Now Biden is asking US taxpayers to bail out the student loan industry because of his administrations inflationary choices. Nice to know that we are his poor choices slush fund. If America’s family budget was run like this administration runs the US coffers, most families would be in jail for fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. Certainly, this would be because they were bankrupted first and went after the funds of others. He continues to leverage the debt of generations with his feel-good proposals. America Beware!

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