Biden Calls For Removal Of Vladimir Putin From Power In Poland: White House Rushes To Clarify

In a speech in Warsaw, Poland, Joe Biden called for the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin from power.

The President stated "For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,”.

The White House quickly issued a statement clarifying that Biden was not calling for a coup or revolution, but rather suggesting that Putin's days were numbered. It is unclear what effect, if any, Biden's comments will have on U.S.-Russia relations.

This is the third time during his trip to Europe that the White House has scrambled to clarify Biden's remarks.

On Friday, people were reassured by the White House that the President would not send American troops to Ukraine. This after his confusing remarks while speaking with the troops about what they would see when they got to the country.

On Thursday, clarification was yet again needed when Biden proclaimed that the United States and NATO would respond “in kind” if Putin used chemical weapons.

Biden's call for Putin's removal from power may seem noble and brave, but it is also quite dangerous and his careless words could easily be misconstrued and used as fuel for future actions by Putin.

It is unfortunate that with the world for an audience, the President of the greatest country on earth cannot make it through a speech without the need for excessive damage control.

Wake up Joe, the word deserves better.

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